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Steering, Suspension, & Alignment In Tulsa

suspension-alignment-tulsa-300x187The first thing most vehicle owners notice when there’s a problem related to steering or suspension is an odd noise. Since these systems are connected to the vehicle’s chassis, even quieter noises can travel throughout the vehicle and become easy to hear. Hearing noises like grinding, clunking, whirring, etc. when you turn or go over a bump mean it’s time to visit RC Auto Specialists.

Sway bar links, ball joints, and tie rod ends could be the problem. They typically make these types of noises when they are failing. These can also affect your vehicle’s tire alignment, causing uneven tread wear.

If you’ve hit a curb (particularly while sliding on ice or snow), or big pot hole, it’s worth getting your alignment checked out.

If your vehicle has more than 70,000 miles, have your suspension inspected. It’s not just about having a smooth ride; the suspension system allows your vehicle to remain stable during maneuvers like lane changes. If your suspension is not working properly, your car or truck may not handle like it should in emergency maneuvers.

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