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Starting & Charging Repairs In Tulsa

It is very important that your car or truck have the proper battery installed. It needs to be big enough to supply enough voltage & amperage, especially when it gets cold. Many older or “cheap” batteries will fail prematurely and can leave you stranded.

RC Auto Specialists installs high quality, manufacturer-recommended batteries specific to your vehicle make & model. Plus, these batteries carry a great warranty, just in case.

The alternator is responsible for keeping your battery fully charged. When an alternator fails, your vehicle will drain the battery until it can’t perform essential functions, such as cranking the engine, powering the fuel pump, etc. Sometimes, the alternator will only fail to charge only after the vehicle has been running for a while.

Another common problem for your vehicle’s starting & charging system is poor connections. Some batteries leak acid around the post, causing corrosion that can block the connection. RC Auto Specialists applies special anti-corrosion spray as well as felt pads that help keep a good connection at the battery terminals.

If you’re having any starting or charging problems, give RC Auto Specialists a call today at (918) 872-8115.