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Ford Diesel Repair Tulsa | We Can Repair Your Vehicle

Ford Diesel Repair Tulsa | We Can Repair Your Vehicle

When you’re looking for a Ford Diesel Repair Tulsa service, we’ve got you covered. Here at RC Auto Specialists, we provide you with the auto repairs, services, and maintenance solutions you’re searching for. We have five stars. Here RC Auto...Read More

Spotting Diesel Engine Problems a Mile Away

You work long hours, laboring hard for yourself and your family, and so does your truck. It goes without saying that your truck’s engine is extremely important. You wouldn’t be able to accomplish everything you do if it weren’t for your Ford truck....Read More

Why Does My Ford’s A/C Stop Working?

Summertime is not the time to find out that your Ford’s air conditioner has stopped working. Driving to and from work, sweating like crazy because you can’t get cool air through your car’s air vents is miserable. Here’s a look at what is happening when your vehicle’s...Read More

Choosing a Ford Specialist over a Dealership

Where do you go for help when your Ford car, truck or SUV is in need of some loving care from a mechanic? It’s a question every car owner eventually has to answer, and many people wonder whether it’s best to take their vehicle to a dealership, an independent shop or a...Read More

How to Get Longevity Out of Your Ford Diesel Engine

Maintaining your Ford diesel engine is very different from maintaining a gas-powered vehicle. Unlike gas engines, diesels ignite the fuel-air mixture by the heat of compression and do not require spark plugs or moving parts like distributor rotors. Therefore, diesel...Read More

Top 5 Places to Road Trip from Tulsa

Reward yourself and your loved ones by taking a mini-vacation on the roads of our great state. Imagine spending a quality day off and doing it all on a single tank of gas. It can be done, trust us. And there are more ways to get away for the day in Oklahoma than you...Read More

5 Transmission Repairs You Can’t Afford to Delay

Most people take their vehicle in for regular oil changes, tire rotations and other common maintenance. But less common issues can cost you a pretty penny if you don’t get them repaired quickly. That’s the case with transmission problems. They may not come up as often...Read More

5 Warning Signs You Need New Brakes

Having brakes that work properly and are in good shape are essential for staying safe on the roads. But how many drivers can tell when there is a problem with their brake system before it’s too late? You don’t have to be in the dark about this key element of safe...Read More

Give Your Car Some TLC this Holiday Season

Give your car the gift of a little TLC this holiday season and enter the new year with a vehicle that is well cared for and ready for the roads. Not only will you feel better about starting your year off right, but your car will thank you by lasting longer and running...Read More