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Radiator Repair In Tulsa

Auto Heating & Cooling Repair

radiator-repair-tulsa-1Usually, the only time people think about their cooling system (radiator, etc.) is if they see a leak, or their vehicle is overheating, or the heater isn’t working. Some newer vehicles will sense a problem and illuminate a warning light on the dashboard. But many don’t have this feature.

The most important thing regarding your heating & cooling system’s maintenance is to make sure it gets inspected at every oil change. When you have an oil change done here at RC Auto, we inspect the coolant levels, radiator, water pump, hoses, etc. to make sure everything is okay.

Low coolant levels is a sure sign of an issue. It’s fine if you need to top off coolant every once in a while (a few ounces), but any significant decrease in coolant level means that it’s getting out somewhere, and that’s a problem. It’s a sealed system, so it really shouldn’t be going anywhere.

Most coolants these days can last a long time, so a cooling system flush is usually only necessary if the vehicle has significant mileage or if there has been some contamination in the system (or rust). Today’s radiators have very small passageways that can be blocked by very small particles. So be careful with radiator additives (such as those designed to block leaks) because can cause long term problems.

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