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Tulsa-AC-RepairThere is nothing more frustrating than driving along in your car during the Tulsa summer, in high heat, and your AC failing. This could happen and for a variety of reasons but one major reason is the higher temps outside means more stress for your car and the cooling system. It has to work extra hard to keep your car cool and sometimes, it simply isn’t up to par.
The best way to prevent something like this is to have your AC looked at before each summer season. Even if you didn’t experience any problems, it doesn’t mean one isn’t ready to happen as soon as you start using the AC. Our ASE-certified technicians at RC Auto Specialists can provide a complete check-up on your coolant system. Should your car need service and/or treatment for any of the cooling parts, our local Tulsa technicians can handle the job. You can trust us for all your AC repair needs.
In the meantime, consider the following ways to further protect your AC during the high heat:

Air Conditioner Check

Have your AC and fluid levels checked by a certified technician every year. The AC could malfunction if the levels are low or is there is a leak but our technicians can determine if either scenario is an issue.

Regular, Scheduled Maintenance

Have regular maintenance performed on your car year-round. It’s important that anyone who drives a vehicle have a routine service check periodically to ensure everything is functioning fine. During the summer it’s important to make sure your AC and other electrical systems aren’t experiencing any issues due to the heat.
An issue that is in the starting stages could easily be spotted (and prevented) by a certified technician. In addition, should anything out of the ordinary happen to your car, take it to a certified tech as soon as possible.

Plan Accordingly

If you have a lot of errands to run try to get the majority, if not all, done in the morning. This is when it’s the coolest out and your AC will experience less strain if you’re not driving about in the high heat. You’ll feel better too!

Oil Changes

Always have your oil changed regularly and check the levels periodically just to be sure your car isn’t low on oil. Your car will keep cooler if it’s properly lubricated (has enough oil). Lack of oil in your engine can lead to very high repair costs.

Battery Check

Check your battery, or have a certified tech check it when taking your car in for a service check.

Radiator Fluids

Your radiator fluid is very important and needs to be checked regularly. It’s responsible for keeping your car cool, so if you don’t want to chance the AC quitting or your car overheating, leaving you in the heat, we recommend taking your car to a certified technician regularly. Your car will thank you, as will your wallet by avoiding expensive repairs!


If you need AC maintenance or repair in the Tulsa area, RC Auto Specialists is the best choice! We will take good care of you and your car. Give us a call today!