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Choosing the Right FluidsPart of looking after a vehicle involves checking the levels of the fluids and making sure they are at the optimum level. There are now many high-tech fluids available thanks to the advances in technology for cars and trucks. Some of these are due to advances in engineering while others are as the materials have advanced.

The radiator and cooling system is one of the easiest and clearest examples of this move in technology. Originally, it was created out of rubber hoses, iron and steel. Only one coolant type would be able to protect the radiator and its components from wear and tear and corrosion.

They are now created with a variety of plastics and alloy metals. This has lead to the need for different additives to help with protecting them. There are many types of coolants available due to how the materials vary between manufacturers.

Owners of Tulsa cars need to make sure they have the right type of coolant. The wrong one could void your warranty as well as not protect the cooling system from corrosion. Before you buy any type of coolant, check the manual of your sedan and talk to your auto repair specialists, RC Auto.

Many drivers in Tulsa find the brake fluid fairly confusing. A few years ago, the majority of cars used the Dot 3 fluid for their brakes; however, now there are Dot 4 and Dot 5 available. The numbers are misleading and cause many people to believe that it is an upgrade; 4 must be better than 3 and 5 must be better than 4. This is not the case. The different numbers is about the formulations and work for different types of brake systems. You should only opt for the one recommended in your instruction manual.

The same applies for the transmission fluid. Before, there were just two types that you have to choose between: one that was friction modified and one that was not. As the transmissions have advanced, this has changed and there are new fluids to help with the lubrication and protection of the various types of systems.

The above types of fluid are not the only cases where advances are important and they are not the most important factors. You need to be careful when getting your oil changed with your choice of motor oil. There are many different formulations and weights created, which help with the various demands placed on the sedan engines and the designs. Some of the more current designs have more parts, which has lead to tighter tolerances. The engines help to create more power while keeping the need for fuel down but they also need to remain durable.

The newer grades of motor oil have helped with that. They have been created with these needs in mind, to make sure the sedan remains clean and is protected and lubricated at all times; no matter how big or small the engine is. The oil needs to be able to pass through the smaller passages while resistant from vaporizing.

The newer advances in the fluids are just as important as the creation of the newer engines. It is essential to make sure you use the right type of engine oil, coolant, transmission and brake fluid for your type of vehicle since so many are created with specific engines in mind.

Before purchasing anything, speak to us at RC Auto Specialists or look at your manual. This helps to prevent the wrong fluid damaging your vehicle. It is also worth thinking about the mileage the vehicle has done. Those that have done 75,000 miles plus will need formulations designed with high mileage in mind. These have more detergent, which helps to clean the engines better. There are also additives for the gaskets and seals to prevent leaks. However, you will need to ensure that the weight and type are the same as the recommendations for your car.

For peace of mind, knowing your car or truck is getting the best possible care, call us today.