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Today we’re going to discuss your vehicle’s struts and shocks. Many people don’t often think about their struts and shocks on their vehicle because they aren’t something that needs servicing very often. They typically last quite awhile but over time they can develop problems and require repair. Shocks are extremely important because they are the reason your tires stay on the road.
If you didn’t have shocks, you would discover just how uncomfortable any drive would be; your tires would significantly bounce on any bumps and would have a hard time staying grounded when you take corners. Socks are responsible for pushing your tires to the ground, which maximizes traction and keeps your tires in contact with the road. You can always tell when a car has new shocks because of the smooth ride; this dissipates over the years but is something you never want to ignore.
We always advise that people have their struts and shocks inspected by a professional and RC Auto Specialists can help; just call 918-872-8115 to schedule your appointment.
Many people do not realize that springs and shocks are different. As mentioned before, shocks are responsible for moderating the motion when your tires come across bumps. Springs are actually what supports the weight of your vehicle and keeps it suspended off the axles. Struts actually take both shock and a coil spring and combine them into one.
As your vehicle ages, your shocks are likely to wear out. When this happens you’re likely going to notice a difference in the handling of your vehicle, and your ride may be a little rougher than usual. The rear end could also squat down as you’re accelerating or the front end may take a dive when you hit your brakes. It’s even possible to notice one corner of your vehicle sagging.
When your shocks become worn, they can also cause uneven tire wear. Now, if your shocks are actually leaking or have damage to them, such as a significant dent, then you should have them replaced.
The owner’s manual of a vehicle often provides a recommendation for when you should have the struts and shocks replaced. This recommendation often falls between 30 and 50 thousand miles. However, depending on what your vehicle is used for, this recommendation may be sooner. For instance, if you do a lot of towing, drive on poor condition roads, or carry a lot of heavy loads, the shocks are likely to wear out before you reach fifty thousand miles.
Many who fall into those categories just mentioned, don’t realize they can actually have special shocks put on their vehicle to handle instances such as this and avoid faster wear on factory shocks.
Factory shocks are often designed for the way most people drive that specific vehicle. If you require more suitable shocks for your vehicle while driving around Tulsa, Oklahoma then give us a call. Premium shocks can improve many features of your vehicle including overall performance of its handling, towing and off-road abilities.
Our RC Auto Specialists here in Tulsa, Oklahoma will gladly help you determine what your vehicle may need and provide different options for you to consider.
We recommend replacing all four shocks at the same time to ensure even, smooth handling. Otherwise, you could be putting yourself, and others, at risk.