Auto Repair Tips

Why Your Next Car Should Be a Ford

When you’re in the market for a car — whether you’re buying a new or previously owned vehicle — one of the deciding factors most people consider is what brand to buy. There are many manufacturers to choose from, of course. But today more than ever, there are many good...Read More

The Tune-Up – What Is It and Do You Need One?

What exactly is a tune-up? Most of us know it’s something we should do with our vehicles, but what it actually consists of is a mystery to many drivers. Some might guess it’s what you do if you want your car to perform like a hot-rod when you take a spin...Read More

Timing Belt Replacement: What To Consider

A correctly configured timing belt ensures your engine can produce ample power without compromising on efficiency. The belt keeps the internal engine components operating smoothly throughout the life of your vehicle. If the timing belt stretches or snaps, your engine...Read More

Get Your Car Ready for Summer: A Maintenance Checklist

A change in season comes with a change in environment, and your car’s performance depends on how it reacts to that environment. Summer is prime driving season, whether you’re cruising with the top down in your local community or are preparing for a cross-country road...Read More

How Your Car’s Engine Works – & Why You Need to Know

To most people, cars are magical. By turning a key and pressing a pedal, something invisible happens, and your vehicle starts transporting you wherever it is you want to go. The reality is, of course, that there’s a complex system of moving parts underneath this...Read More

Ready To Repair: The 5 Easiest Auto Repairs For Beginners

Whether you’re a new car owner still learning your way around the controls or a seasoned driver who has always relied on mechanics or friends for auto repair assistance, knowing how to perform simple repairs yourself is an important skill. And while there are many...Read More

Not So DIY: 6 Auto Repairs You Can’t Do Yourself

It’s important for all car owners to be familiar with basic repair practices, but sometimes it’s not appropriate to tackle these projects alone. Whether it’s a safety issue – brake repair comes to mind – or a project with too many moving parts, knowing when to call a...Read More