**3-Year 36,000 Mile Warranty On All Repairs (Includes 50% Rental Discount. Call for details)

Our approach for your auto repair is to make sure that you are getting a straightforward service with our specialist at RC Auto specialist. we are experiencing Certified Auto Mechanics using a rifle approach when servicing your vehicle. we can fix it right the first time this will be saving you time and money and we are commonly known to repair vehicles that other Tulsa repair shops and dealerships cannot fix. we have the specialist and the equipment to take on any maintenance, tune-ups, and repair. we are of high quality and cost-effective services that we provide. we will always be able to fix your vehicle at a reasonable price the first time. we are very honest Ford Senior Master Tech Tulsa. Giving an hour of customer straightforward, honest, and professional Service and repairs. we have excellent service and we have excellent staff in our shop. they are easy to communicate with and very transparent.

Every part of your truck, van, or car plays a vital role in making sure that your car is running smoothly and operating safely. our professionals are experienced and we have been repairing and maintaining countless parts efficiently. you can bring your vehicle in today and we can find the problem before it escalates to a dangerous breakdown. with our Ford Senior Master Tech Tulsa We have over 80 years of experience combined. and we are the repair and maintenance shop that you and everybody else is wanting. we are very rare to come by with a quality of craftsmanship and work. we specialize in Ford vehicles and diesel repair and we are fully capable of providing repair and maintenance services for any make and model, or year as long as parts are available we will be able to fix it.

You’ll be making the best choice when you’re choosing us to be your service shop for your vehicle. we will be able to maintain and keep up on all of your repairs for your car. we go beyond for our clients and we make sure that we fix your vehicle right the first time. this will be saving you money and time in the future. it is not uncommon for local total repair shops and dealerships to send the vehicles to us if they cannot repair them.

We have 80 years combined of experience with our specialist and we have hard work that pays off. Ford Senior Master Tech Tulsa we will take the time to listen to your problems and make sure we all have an understanding of your vehicle needs. With our experience behind our back and our professionalism and our clients who have come to us for their vehicle repairs and have gotten quality work the first time. you’ll be able to trust us as your vehicle repair shop. you will be able to trust our judgment greatly and make the best decisions for you and your vehicle.

To contact RC Auto Specialist today and get an appointment for the maintenance or repair of your vehicle please contact us today at 918-872-8115.To learn more about our highly skilled technicians and how we can service your vehicle today please join us at our website at https://rcautospecialists.com/