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Have you ever thought about how some cars look older than others, even though they were built the same year? Maintenance may have a lot to do with stretching the life of a car, but there are other things we can do as well to keep our cars running longer and performing better. For instance, our driving habits have a huge influence on how well our car looks, inside and out. Check out these driving tips that can keep your car looking and feeling like you just drove it off the lot.

Take it easy on the roads

Our cars are made to move as fast as we need them to, but only when warmed up. Take it easy the first few miles of driving each day to let the engine warm to its proper operating temperature. Engines are fuel-efficient when warmed up. Taking it easy also means following the speed limit. The faster you go, the more strain you put on your car’s engine. You’re wasting fuel too, if you drive faster than needed.

Aim for smooth handling

Avoid rough patches that can damage your car, such as potholes. Slow down at railroad tracks, speed bumps, and older bridges. Uneven surfaces create undue impact on wheels and tires. Make every effort to steer your car smoothly. This is not only for stability, but also for the durability of your vehicle’s components. It’s the same concept as braking early; if you can lightly hit the brakes they will last longer. In the same way, if you steer smoothly, the wheels and the parts attached to them will receive less wear and tear.

Do not follow others too closely

Sometimes, getting stuck behind a semi-truck or another car is unavoidable. However, you can choose and control how closely you are following other vehicles. It’s not only safer to give space, but you also avoid getting hit by kicked-up rocks and dirt, which can damage the front end of your car

Floor it sometimes!

Wait until your car is warmed to proper operating temperatures, of course, but floor it every once in a while. When it’s time to merge onto a highway, for example, step on the gas. Revving your engine allows it to burn the carbon deposits that accumulate through normal driving day in and day out.

Come to a full stop before reversing

Throwing a car into reverse while it’s still moving is the best way to ruin your transmission. Be in the habit of reaching a full stop before shifting. If you don’t, the transmission takes the brunt of the existing momentum while shifting. Over time, this stress destroys the transmission. The same goes for putting your vehicle in park. If the car is still moving when you shift to park, it puts too much stress on the transmission.

Only steer when moving

Steer your vehicle only when it is actually moving. This prevents too much pressure from being placed on the steering system. Turning your car’s wheels while the vehicle is at a standstill causes the whole steering system to have to fight the tire and asphalt friction with the whole weight of the vehicle on them.

Do errands in one round

Planning to do all your errands at once reduces the time your car’s engine runs cold, and it increases the amount of time the engine stays at optimum operating temperatures. A little bit of planning in this way reduces mileage and fuel usage, which saves both money and wear on your car.

If you want your car lasting as long as possible, a little bit of care and understanding goes a long way. By following these simple driving tips, you’ll keep your car looking good and running like a champ. And remember, regular maintenance helps too. When you need any tune-ups or other maintenance work, check us out at RC Auto Specialists. Schedule an appointment or stop by today.