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We specialize in Power Stroke diesel repair. From 7.3L to 6.0L to 6.4L and 6.7L, we know these engines inside and out. Having EGR problems? We can fix it, permanently. Turbo issues? We’ve seen it all. Just have questions about something weird going on? Give us a call today at (918) 872-8115 and our diesel specialists will help you figure it out. We specialize in Tulsa Diesel Repair, specifically Ford Powerstroke repair.

Your Dealership Alternative

RC Auto Specialists combines the expertise of a dealership with the competitive price and quality customer service of an independent Powerstroke diesel repair shop in Tulsa. Using the latest diagnostic tools and equipment available, our certified diesel mechanics in Tulsa accurately troubleshoot Ford powerstroke diesels and perform repairs with excellence. That means you can be confident that your Power Stroke is in the right hands. We stand behind our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. And as an accredited business with the Better Business Bureau of Eastern Oklahoma, you can trust us to treat you right. Contact us today to find out why thousands of satisfied customers take their diesels to RC Auto Specialists in Tulsa.

heavy-duty-repair-tulsaThere’s a reason Ford Power Stroke owners trust RC Auto Specialists with their trucks. It’s because we specialize in Power Stroke service and repair. Our factory trained technicians have over 80 years of combined experience and have repaired thousands of Power Strokes. We know these trucks inside & out. We know your Power Stroke diesels. We’re not guessing on this, we’re going right to it. A lot of shops use a shotgun; we use a rifle. We go right to the problem. We have options for permanent fixes to recurring problems with Power Strokes. Plus, RC Auto Specialists is committed to providing you with the best customer service possible.

“With my husband’s business (he’s in construction), his truck is a lifeline. He has to have his truck every single day. That’s how he gets to and from jobs, it’s how he meets with clients. He basically works out of his vehicle, so it’s very important to us that we make sure his truck is well taken care of. He has a Ford F-250 Powerstroke diesel. Roy takes care of it, and takes care of any issues that come up with it. Any time we have questions, and even when we purchased the truck, we went to Roy to ask him what we should buy, what we should look for, and he was excellent source of information and willing to help us in any way possible.” -Rachael R.

Tools & Experience

Many times, Ford diesel engines have intermittent problems that are difficult to diagnose. And most shops have a real problem getting to the bottom of the issue. They go for the shotgun-style approach: just keep replacing parts until they figure it out. RC Auto Specialists, however, has the manufacturer recommended tools & diagnostic equipment to go in and record and analyze the performance of specific components. So even when Power Stroke owners describe a problem that could have a variety of causes, we can go straight to the problem. That means you don’t spend thousands of dollars on parts you don’t need.

Some auto repair shops in Tulsa have the tools & equipment to repair diesels, but just don’t have the experience it takes to use it effectively. We repair Power Stroke diesels every day, all day! It’s what we do. Our certified technicians know these engines inside & out. In fact, we regularly have dealerships & other independent shops that send us the vehicles they can’t fix. So, if you need an expert mechanic that specializes in Ford Power Stroke diesel repair, call us today at (918) 872-8115.