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Preparing Your Car For SaleThere are different reasons people have for selling their car. Maybe you’re shopping for a newer model or maybe you simply have the funds to upgrade to a new one. Either way, that’s great news!
However, selling a car isn’t always an easy feat. It can, in fact, be very frustrating. You might be thinking that trading it would be an easier alternative. Unfortunately, trading it in and getting the most out of your car isn’t necessarily easier than selling it outright. So how can you entice more buyers or even show the dealer just how much value your car currently has?

A Clean Car Sells

Nobody wants to buy a car that is filthy or still contains a lot of personal items; stickers, steering wheel cover, etc. It’s important to first clean the car up very nice. Empty it out of any belongings and bumper stickers. If you’re selling your car outright it might be worth paying for a detail service to get your car as clean as it can be. A full detail will leave the carpets clean and windows spotless. Otherwise, expect to spend some time and use some elbow grease to get it looking as close to new inside as possible. Once a buyer comes to see the car, they’ll be impressed by how clean it is and the clean smell inside. If you’re going to trade the car in you could likely skip the full detail and give it a good cleaning of your own; wash and vacuum the seats, wipe the surfaces, etc.

Selling Outright

In addition to cleaning your car very well, there are actually other things that will also increase the vehicle’s value. Selling outright might go smoother if you have good tires and had recent maintenance done. Does it need a tune up or other significant service? Does everything work; lights, wipers, etc.? Always check the levels of fluid when preparing to sell your car.
All of these are things that potential buyers will likely want to know and look for when considering buying your car. If they have reason to believe it needs more work or service they’ll likely negotiate a lower price than what you’re asking. You might think it isn’t worth investing a couple hundred dollars on simple services or repairs but you can often get the asking price if this investment is made.

Trading In

If you’re trading your car in you may not have to worry about the simple repairs and maintenance required. Dealers typically won’t care about the service records of the car since they will inspect it before they place it on their lot. This protects their company and helps them know exactly what they’re trying to sell. If they don’t put it on their own lot and sell it at an auction instead, it will likely sell as-is so nothing else will be required of the dealer.
Regardless of how you sell your car or who you sell it to, it’s always beneficial to ensure it looks like a car you yourself would buy from someone. In addition, keeping it serviced, maintained and full of proper fluids will help its value last a lot longer.
To see how we can help you prepare your car for a sale, stop by RC Auto Specialists, we’re happy to help!