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If you’ve ever experienced having a headlamp go out on your vehicle, you’ve undoubtedly wanted to change the bad bulb. If your vehicle uses halogen lamps, over time they can dim. So as a result by just replacing one lamp, your headlights won’t have the same brightness, which could affect your vision and be a distraction.

A good rule of thumb is to replace your halogen headlamps every year, that way you’ll have uniform bright headlamps all year. To have your headlights inspected, schedule an appointment with us.

In addition to halogen headlamps, there are the standard bulbs that have been around for ages. These do the basic job, but you can usually upgrade to halogen, which usually are more expensive but they make a huge difference. Premium halogen bulbs are ideal if you do a lot of night driving, as they filter out the yellow hues and give a very white light that resembles daylight.

Very popular these days, are those bluish headlights, usually found more on luxury cars. They are high intensity discharge (HID) lamps, which really light up the road. Some vehicles’ headlamps can be upgraded to HID lamps, but these cost quite a bit, however, they will last a very long time. If you want your Tulsa neighbors to think you have HID headlamps, you can get halogens with a bluish tint – no one needs to know. We won’t tell!

Driving at night is all about your reaction time. How long it takes you to stop or get out of the way. To react quickly, you need headlamps that’ll give you a good view of the road. Your headlights also should be aimed correctly to not only see the road but to keep your lights from shining into on-coming vehicles.

Have you ever seen on older vehicles their headlights looking dim with a yellow cloudy color? That’s a result of the plastic headlight lenses getting cloudy and yellowed over time. They can be replaced, but it’s cheaper and fairly easy to restore the lens. Ask us about this service.

It comes down to; you can’t drive if you can’t see. According to the AAA, 9 out of 10 vehicles have yellowed or dirty headlamps. If they are just dirty, next time you fill up for gas, run the window squeegee over your headlights to clean the dirt off. However if they cloudy and yellow, get your lenses restored and don’t forget to replace your standard or halogen bulbs every year.