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brakes-check-warning-signsTulsa has some of the hottest summers and the coolest winters. But it never fails, at the end of the day to have a beautiful breathe taking sunset. Driving your vehicles back and forth from school, work, and family can be hard on your brakes after a while. Now, I know you have your music blaring and all the windows down and the last thing on your mind is that massive chunk of steel and glass hurtling through space at 60-plus miles per hour and suddenly you have to come to a complete stop. Brakes are the most crucial part of your vehicle.

Brake Pads

Most cars use what are known as disc brakes. These function in much the same way as brakes on a ten-speed bicycle. The friction that occurs between the pads and rotor eventually stop the car. Checking the thickness of your brake pads is a straightforward procedure. All you need to do is look between the spokes of our wheel to spot the shiny metal rotor inside.

Weird Noises

You might think that blaring music makes you top notch, or you just enjoy the loud music drowning out everything. Sometimes that loud music makes the screams your breaks are making drown out also. Some of the warning signs that your brakes need servicing can come from a high-pitched squeal when your pads need replacing.


Cruising down the highway or back roads, not thinking about anything but the dinner waiting for you at home. Then something jumps in front of the car out of nowhere, making you come to a fast and complete stop with the pulsing of the brake. However, if your brake pedal pulses in this way under normal braking, you could have an issue.

RC Auto Specialists, your Tulsa brake service specialists

At RC Auto Specialists, we want to make sure your brakes are in tiptop shape so you stay safe on the road. Don’t let brakes be the only reasons you come into see us. Give us a call and make an appointment for any brake or auto repair issues you are having with your vehicle.