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Why Does Ford AC Stop WorkingSummertime is not the time to find out that your Ford’s air conditioner has stopped working. Driving to and from work, sweating like crazy because you can’t get cool air through your car’s air vents is miserable. Here’s a look at what is happening when your vehicle’s A/C is not functioning the way it’s supposed to.

How does my Ford’s A/C system work?

Your Ford’s air conditioning system has a lot of parts, and they all need to function correctly for you to enjoy a cool drive. Here are some areas you can look at to diagnose an A/C malfunction:

Knobs and Vents

These parts are easy to check first as you diagnose your problem. If the buttons or knobs involved in controlling the air conditioning aren’t working, you could have an electrical issue. If no air at all comes through the vents when the system is on, your problem could be a simple blown fuse. Your vehicle’s manual can point you to where to find the fuses.

Fan Motor

If you replace a blown fuse in the fan’s blower motor, only to have the new fuse blow too, it’s an indication that you may have an electrical short or some other problem with the blower’s motor.

Vacuum System

Airflow and air temperature are controlled by a vacuum system. If knobs, vents, fuses and fan all seem to be working properly, it’s time to check the valves and supply lines for this system.

Refrigerant Cooling Systems

If you have eliminated any possible trouble stemming from your Ford’s air management system, the next thing to consider is the refrigerant cooling systems. Problems with these systems are not as easy to diagnose as the knobs, vents, fan and vacuum system. But you can start by consulting your Ford owner’s manual for troubleshooting advice.
Of course, on-line forums for Ford vehicles are easily accessible, but remember, not everyone chiming in online is a legitimate expert. So, be careful when taking advice from someone who may or may not be a certified technician.

Hoses and Wires

Check the refrigerant hoses for leaks. Examine the compressor switches to be sure they are working. Look for any frayed wires that may be causing the system to short out. If these parts are in poor shape or are not connected properly, all you’ll get through the air conditioning vents is recycled air from underneath the hood, which is not helpful on a hot day. The large refrigerant hose should be cool to the touch when the air conditioning is running. The smaller hose should be warmer if everything is running right.

Drive Belt

Examine the drive belt attached to the compressor. A worn, slipping or broken belt needs to be repaired or replaced. If the belt is noisy when the air conditioning is on, that’s also a sign that the belt needs maintenance.

Why Choose a Ford Mechanic to Make Your Repairs?

Doing car repairs yourself can be tricky, especially if you’re not experienced in working with complex systems such as your car’s air-conditioning. DIY repairs can be time-consuming, difficult and even more costly if you buy unneeded parts as you try to fix the problem. There are little nuances involved with anything mechanical that only an expert can be called on to tackle.
The same is true for your Ford vehicle’s air conditioning system. While a general mechanic may know the basics of an air-conditioning system, Ford certified technicians have years of training and experience in working specifically on Ford A/C systems. They’re experts who are well qualified to properly and efficiently work with all the ins and outs of your Ford, and they can easily access exactly the right parts you need for your vehicle to function at its best.

RC Auto Is Here to Help You

For your own safety, comfort and well being, your Ford’s air-conditioning has to work properly whenever you need it. RC Auto is a great resource for servicing your Ford vehicle’s A/C system anytime you need help. Schedule an appointment with us online anytime or stop by today. We’ll be happy to help you get your Ford truck or car back on the road with cool, cool air in the hot summer months.