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Why Ford Specialistst Diagnostic Service WorthCheck engine lights are a mystery to most people. Even the most hands-on, do-it-yourself drivers are stumped when that light comes on and stays on. Let’s face it: the technology inside a car is becoming more and more hi-tech every day. Every new year’s model has a more sophisticated ECM (engine control module) than the year before.

There are literally thousands of specific areas where your FORD vehicle’s ECM is monitoring the efficiency of your engine. This is where even the most accomplished mechanic at most small shops has difficulty. The technology is growing so fast and becoming so intricate that it takes a specialist focused on understanding the many codes the average car’s ECM has in order to make a proper diagnosis when a FORD vehicle’s check engine light comes on.

Why Use a Ford Specialist Instead of a General Mechanic

A Ford diagnostic specialist uses special scanning equipment that is connected to your car’s ECM in order to communicate with it. The ECM communicates back certain codes to the diagnostic equipment that tells a specialist the reason the light came on. It could be a loose belt, a specific brake issue, an oxygen sensor alert, a fuel-efficiency problem — the list of possible issues goes on and on.

Now, there are auto parts stores and similar establishments around the country that will offer scanning services for free, but the problem is that many of those individuals spend limited time scanning for ECM codes. Although many parts specialists know a great deal about cars and the most common areas where cars break down, the specific codes a scanning tool may provide (even if the shop has the latest diagnostic equipment) can be so numerous that a parts store or general mechanic shop may still only be guessing at the solution for repairing your car.

That’s a big problem, and it’s the biggest difference between the free services you receive at certain places and the precision diagnostic service you receive from a Ford specialist diagnostician. In the end, one free guess after another can end up costing a whole lot more than taking your vehicle directly to a proper diagnostic specialist, who is intimately familiar with the codes of a Ford model ECM.

Specialists Are More Cost Effective than You Might Think

You might imagine it costs a lot more to use certified technicians, right? Not really. When you pay for a Ford specialist diagnostic service technician to check your car, what you’re doing is getting to an accurate solution faster. These technicians gain thousands of hours of certified training and on-the-job expertise to qualify to work on your Ford, while general mechanics or parts store employees spend perhaps a few hours a week on Fords or ECM diagnostics. Ford specialists are more experienced by far, and thus more qualified at identifying your problem.

Ford diagnostic specialists also have state-of-the-art diagnostic tools at their disposal that they can use to make an accurate assessment. In the end, your Ford lasts longer and runs more efficiently when a Ford specialist works on it, which saves you thousands of dollars over the life of your car.

Another reason to opt for a Ford repair specialist is that their goal is to find your specific problem, while a parts store’s goal is to sell you a part. Once a parts store identifies what they think is the problem, they will likely recommend ordering a replacement part as the first line of defense. If the new part doesn’t solve the problem, the check engine light will come back on, yet you won’t get a refund for the part that didn’t help you. You’re still at square one, having spent money on a part replacement you didn’t need.

Call a Specialist Today

The Ford repair specialists here at RC Auto are well trained, experienced and ready to provide your Ford vehicle the tender loving care it deserves. We’re not guessing when we use our scanning equipment to read the ECM codes. We’re using our combined 80 years of experience and training to provide the best solution for getting your Ford vehicle back on the road in tip-top shape. We’re the go-to place in Tulsa for all your Ford specialist diagnostic services, where you don’t overpay or have to make repeated visits to the parts store. Contact us today at 918-872-8115 to have your check engine light properly diagnosed.