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Keep Your Pets Safe DrivingNowadays it isn’t uncommon to see citizens driving with their pets in the vehicle, enjoying the ride as well. We realize your pet is part of your family and you want to take him or her everywhere with you, and why shouldn’t you be able to? However, pet safety in a vehicle is highly important and something not many people are the best at doing.


If you’re serious about protecting your pet in the vehicle, whether it’s your cat, dog, parrot, etc., consider these 5 different safety devices designed specifically for traveling with pets.

Plastic or Metal Crates – Perfect for: cats, dogs, parrots or rodents.

These plastic or metal (your preference) crates can be secured to your vehicle’s floor for maximum security and safety for your pet. The majority of these crates can easily be removed so they’re less hassle and newer cars feature clips and straps that are designed for pet crates, giving you no excuse as to why you’re pet can’t be secured in your vehicle while you’re driving. Pet harnesses are also a good option, especially in the case of an accident.

Metal Compartment Dividers – Perfect for: Very large dogs.

Metal compartment dividers are a popular option as they’re more affordable than a crate or other alternative. These dividers will separate your cargo area from the passenger seating, creating one large area for your dog. If using this system it’s advised to also use a harness because a divider simply creates an open area designated for your dog, but offers little in terms of security. Put your dog’s favorite blanket and toys back there to make them as comfortable as possible.

Restraints and Harnesses – Perfect for: Medium to large breed dogs, some cats.

For decades we’ve seen our furry friends enjoying the wind in their fur while hanging out the window of the car as you drive along. However, in more recent years people are starting to become more aware of the safety of their pets in a vehicle and have started using harnesses. Harnesses are easy to use; simply install it on the seatbelt in your car. Be advised, however, that your pet should be in a seat that doesn’t have a powerful airbag as these aren’t tested for animals and could actually cause more harm to them if an accident were to happen.

Padded, Elevated Seat Beds with Small Restraints – Perfect for: Small breed dogs and cats.

If you have a small dog or cat that likes to travel with you, consider a ‘car seat’ for your pet. The elevated seat allows them to see what’s going on easily and the smaller restraints will keep them secure but comfortable for the ride.

The Loving Care of You, the Owner – Perfect for: Any and all cats, dogs, turtles, etc.

By taking your pet with you in the car, you’re declaring to your pet that you will keep him or her safe while on the road. It’s your responsibility as the driver, to pay attention to the road and your surroundings, even with your pet in the car. Consider the above methods for keeping your pet secure and safe in the vehicle, instead of on your lap or roaming around the car freely, putting them at high risk for serious injury if an accident were to occur.


A final note. An important part of pet safety, or passenger safety in general, is a focused driver. You need to keep your attention on the road where it belongs and you can’t afford to be distracted with intermittent car problems. If your vehicle needs work, make sure you get it fixed. You can drive safer when you are confident in your vehicle. So contact the experts at RC Auto Specialists. We will keep your vehicle safe for all your passengers.