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For the weekend, you have made some fun arrangements for enjoying Oklahoma with friends. Your friends and you are going to hit the water and have some excitement. Taking the boat is a must. Naturally, you have already prepared the boat. Plus, you have cleaned, vacuumed, washed and waxed the truck you are using to pull the boat. However, you must also check that your truck is tuned up and ready to go.


Take a few factors into context here. Getting out of Tulsa, there will be tons of traffic on the freeway. You will have to pull some hills to get to the water. Roads will take you off of pavement, and do not forget the heat. While you and your truck take on all these factors, you must consider all the extra weight of your load. The weight is going to put a lot of stress on the transmission of your truck.


Focus on the transmission alone. It will be put under extra stress and it will work much harder than normal. To get up the hills and navigate the roads, it will be in low gear frequently. This will raise the internal transmission temperature quite a bit. Your transmission is going to work hard for your day of fun.


First thing is first. You have to check your transmission fluid and make sure it is adequate. If the transmission fluid is low, it will make the transmission run even hotter and put even more strain on it. There comes a point when transmission fluid becomes grimy and loses its strength. To combat potential transmission problems, all Tulsa drivers need to have their vehicles serviced by Tulsa auto repair professionals like RC Auto Specialists.


In an automatic transmission, there are numerous channels that fluid has to flow through. Without having your transmission serviced on a regular basis, these channels can become congested. If they become congested, your transmission will suffer. If you go for an extended period of time without service, the transmission will ultimately fail. If you do not want to write a check for a major transmission repair, you need to have your transmission serviced.


Drivers in Tulsa, OK drive through all kinds of conditions that are considered severe. There is towing of course, but driving in either extreme heat or extreme cold, or just making quick trips can be severe. Driving in the city is hard on your transmission, as well as driving in dusty conditions. Driving in Tulsa under less than perfect conditions is common, and they contribute to engine problems.


When you go to RC Auto Specialists to have your transmission serviced, request to have a trip inspection completed as well. A technician will be sure to inspect all of your belts and hoses, plus, make sure your brakes are functioning correctly.