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Don't Let Summer Heat Ruin Your Car's PerformanceSummer heat can make driving dangerous. Maintaining your vehicle in summer weather is simple and will make your road travel worry free.

Exterior Care:

Wash and wax:
Winter sand, gravel and salt can erode paint. A good wash will remove the gunk. A clear wax will prevent future damage, and protect the paint from UV radiation. If covered parking isn’t available, consider a car cover to add protection from summer elements.

Keep Them Bright and Clear:
Cleaning head and tail lights will remove the debris that is glued to their surfaces and dimming their effectiveness. Check operations: an inexpensive change of fuses or bulbs will avoid an expensive ticket. Mirrors often dull over the winter. A good scrub will clear the view behind you. And wipers should be replaced if they show signs of tears or gaps.

Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’:
Worn tires mean reduced traction. Check the treads for depth and for wear spots that might indicate alignment issues. Improper inflation can also affect performance so make sure they’re at the right pressure. RC Auto Specialists can rotate and align all four tires, and check the brakes while they’re at it.

Under the Hood:

Charge It:
Summer heat can drain a battery of its energy, so have it checked to make sure its charge is strong. Keeping the top and terminals clean will help.

Cool Those Jets:
The cooling systems keep you and your engine comfortable even in the hottest of temperatures. Flush hoses to remove winter gunk, and refill tanks with antifreeze, washer fluids, and refrigerants.

Go With the Flow:
The fluids that keep your engine running should be checked, too. Transmission, power steering, and brake fluids should be topped or replaced, and oil should be checked for volume and cleanliness.

Keep It Cool Inside:
Sunshades are excellent reflectors of the sun’s radiation, so use them in front and back for the best effect. If they’ aren’t already, consider tinting your windows. The tint can reduce heat and glare, and adds security by obscuring views of the cars’ contents.

A well-maintained car is fun to drive and reliable through all your summer adventures. For professional and comprehensive car service, RC Auto Specialists offer these preventative services, as well as full-service auto repair. Contact us today.