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Diesel Engine Facts - TulsaWhen it comes to buying a diesel engine, there are multiple things you need to take into consideration especially if you are a first time buyer. Diesel is completely different than your traditional gasoline fueled engine. At RC Auto, we want to make sure you know what you are investing in when you buy a diesel engine.


Diesel-powered vehicles are fully equipped with modern safety features like anti-lock brakes, front-seat side airbags, full-length side curtain airbags and stability control. One thing you need to be aware of when you start to look for a diesel engine is the crash test scores. The way they used to test safety in cars is not how they test it now. So if you are buying and older car, you need to look into the safety check they did then, and compare it to the new crash test they do now.


Diesel engines you can expect to be more expensive to manufacture than a conventional gasoline engine because of the extra measure of durability required to hold up against stress of high compression diesel combustion.

Passenger & Interior Space

Depending on the model you select, depends on the amount of interior space your vehicle will have. Those who need an extra row of seats will find SUV models more attractive. The bigger and more heavy the vehicle is, the more suited it is more a diesel engine, which combines plenty of low RPM thrust with good fuel economy and cruising speed. Heavy-duty pickups can seat anywhere from three to six people, depending on whether you choose a extended, regular, or crew cab model.

Automatic VS Manual

Diesel, considered an industrial-strength transportation best suited for manual transmission. But now, a wide range of transmission choices now makes the diesel engine a friendlier vehicle. Automatic Transmissions for diesel now have a greater number of speeds to keep the engine operating at peak power, but the manual transmission shows improves fuel efficiency without losing the convenience of an automatic clutch.

RC Auto Love Diesel

Although Diesel engines are not the only engines we operate on, we enjoy fixing any problems you throw our way. At RC Auto, we know that when your car has issues it can be frustrating. We want this process to be as simple as possible so you can have your car in and out in now time. Call us today at (918) 872-8115 and ask us any questions about your car needs.