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Diagnosing an Alignment ProblemHere in Tulsa, potholes are a daily dodge going to and from work. The unfortunate thing about it is that you cannot miss them all and sometimes you can hit one and it will throw your car out of alignment. By diagnosing any tire problems any of your questions can be easily answered and fixed!

Step 1: Eliminate Tire Problems

Before you assume that your alignment problem is caused by any other part of the car, you need to make sure that your tires are not the reason or the problem. Make sure to check the air pressure is ALL FOUR tires and inflate them to suggested inflation. The next thing to do is to make sure the tread and tire size are the same on both front wheels. While you are looking for that check for any unusual wear or damage. Look over the tired completely and make sure it looks symmetrical.

Step 2: Front-end Alignment

There are different aspects to front end alignments for rear wheel drive vehicles. You may observe serious alignment problems with a tape measure and a two-foot level by checking them.

Step 3: Road Test

Next thing you do is drive on a flat, level, and smooth highway and let your grip on the steering wheel loosen enough to let the car proceed on its own while driving down a fairly straight road on a day when the weather is dry and the wind is calm. If the car pulls one way or another, you may need an alignment.

RC Auto Specialist

Having your car out of alignment is very common and can be easily fixed. If not fixed when you notice it, it can do major damage to the car. We suggest you take it in as soon as you realize what the issue is. Call us today!