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coolant-flushA cooling system flush us modern-day terminology for ridding your radiator of rust, dirt, sludge and old antifreeze or “radiator fluid”. The fluid is more accurately known as coolant, which is a 50-50 mix of antifreeze and water.

What does coolant do?

Coolant flows through your radiator, water pump, water hoses, and through internal engine passages to keep engine operating at the proper temperature. If the coolant level becomes too low or too dirty and contaminated from age and miles driven, it can lead to an overheated engine. And when today’s engines overheat, it can mean a literal meltdown and expensive repairs.

When should you flush your coolant?

Every carmaker recommends a different schedule for flushing the coolant. While we advise using your owners manual as a starting point, its perhaps more important to regularly look at the condition of the coolant. AT RC Auto, we can do that for you. Bring in your car and we can have a look to see if it is time to flush your coolant.

Is the drain and fill the same as a cooling flush?

No, it is very simply draining the dirty coolant from the radiator and refilling it with clean coolant. This will not remove the dirty fluid that’s inside the water hoses, water pump, or engine cooling passages. You want to choose an auto repair show that has a machine to completely remove the dirt and contaminant and aging coolant from the entire cooling system, not just the radiator.

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