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Along with greater fuel rates in Tulsa comes lots of “gas saving” advice. Some of it is really exceptional. Some is delusion. And some is simply produced to take advantage of Tulsa drivers who are desperate to save some hard earned cash on gas.

When you get one of those e-mails that’s going “viral” advising you just how to conserve gas, don’t assume it’s all true.

Does it really work? Does it somehow defy physics?

Do some research on the internet or inquire your Tulsa Oklahoma auto service advisor at RC Auto Specialists.

There are no magic tablets you are able to drop in your gas tank, neither has the federal government covered-up a gadget you could secure on your gas line to make your vehicle run on air. Nope, not even in Tulsa!

So when you receive one of those e-mails, run it past a vehicle professional. You’ll obtain even more bang for your buck by having an oil change or a motor air filter replacement.

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