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Transmission problems are common, but unlike many other car troubles, you can’t take on transmission repairs on your own. That’s because an automatic transmission has thousands of parts. Even though we refer to your transmission as a singular part of the car, it’s really an entire machine of its own. This is particularly true of automatic transmissions versus manual transmissions. If you start tinkering with it on your own, your chances of getting all those pieces back together are slim to none.

Instead of disassembling your automatic transmission, the best thing you can do when you notice signs of a problem is to call the mechanic. Our team at RC Auto Specialists knows how to evaluate and repair or replace your transmission properly. What’s your role in this?

Learn these 6 signs that something is amiss with your transmission. The sooner we catch a problem, the more easily we can repair it.

That Signature Red Leak

Automatic Transmission Problems? 6 Signs You Need To Call The Shop Having enough transmission fluid is vital to keeping your car running properly, and while you should take a look at the fluid levels yourself twice a year, if you’re noticing frequent decreases in the level, you might have a leak.

Luckily, transmission fluid leaks tend to be among the easiest to spot. That’s because almost every car has red transmission fluid. If your car is leaving a distinctive red trail in your driveway, you can be certain you’ve got a transmission fluid leak.

You don’t need to try to hunt down the source of the leak on your own – these can occur in a number of places, including the filter tube base, near the speed sensor, or even near the radiator. Rather than searching for the leak, call the shop. We’d be happy to take a look for you.

That Burning Smell

A red fluid leak isn’t the only sign that something may be wrong with your transmission fluid levels. You may also notice a burning smell if your engine doesn’t have enough of this important fluid or if the transmission fluid is too dirty. That burning smell also indicates that your transmission may be experiencing internal damage due to inadequate fluid. If things smell weird when your engine heats up, it’s time to call the shop.

That Strange Noise

Although automatic transmissions don’t have a clutch, you may experience similar engine problems if your torque converter isn’t working correctly. That’s because the bell housing in your automatic transmission is home to this converter rather than the clutch, and the two serve similar purposes.

If your torque converter isn’t working correctly, you’ll likely notice strange noises coming from your engine when you’re driving. Though these will quiet when you shift into neutral, they’re still an important warning sign. Strange engine noises should always serve as an alarm that your engine needs checked.

That Slipping Feeling

When your transmission slips, it means it shifts from one gear to a different one unexpectedly. You’ll be going along at one rate and then all of a sudden your car may feel underpowered and your engine may even begin to make a whining sound.

Transmission slipping can be dangerous because it changes how your car moves while driving, can make it difficult to engage when you put your car into drive, or otherwise hesitates to engage when shifting, interfering with a smooth driving experience.

There may be several causes underlying transmission slipping. Once again, it may just be that your fluid levels are low or that the fluid pressure is low. Alternatively, it may be faulty regulation of the fluid pressure and not the fluid itself causing the problem. We can take a look at things and assess which of these issues is causing your transmission to slip.

That Not-So-Neutral Sound

When you’re in neutral, your car shouldn’t be doing much of anything, right? So if you’re hearing a strange bump when you’re in neutral, take that as a sign that something isn’t quite right. You might not think your transmission is especially engaged when you’re in neutral, but it’s actually still hard at work.

The bump you hear may be caused by wear and tear on the car parts. If any of your gears or bearings are worn down, they may need to be replaced. This is one of the most significant and challenging transmission repairs, as it requires going deep inside the machine and swapping out some of those thousands of parts for new ones.

That Warning Light

Automatic Transmission Problems? 6 Signs You Need To Call The Shop Of course, it should be obvious that something is amiss if your “check engine” light comes on, yet some drivers continue to ignore this straightforward signal, assuming that if their car feels like it’s running fine, the light is an error or an overreaction. This all too common mistake can leave drivers stranded on the side of the road or even cause an accident, depending on the problem behind the light.

Of course, not all “check engine” alerts are about your transmission. The engine is a large system and the problem could be anywhere. If the issue is a transmission problem, there’s nothing you can do about it on your own.

Alternatively, the “check engine” light could be indicating a problem in another part of the engine, but could have direct effects on the functioning of your transmission. Either way, don’t ignore this light. Head to the shop for an evaluation to avoid bigger issues.

That Leading Repair Shop

Automatic Transmission Problems? 6 Signs You Need To Call The Shop If your transmission is showing any of these 6 warning signs, it’s time to get in touch with RC Auto Specialists. Our repair team is equipped to handle any transmission problem in a timely and efficient manner while providing only the highest quality work and parts. And while we specialize in Ford repairs, RC Auto Specialists are more than happy to help you with any make and model of car.

Contact RC Auto Specialists today to make an appointment or just drive right in. It’s important to be proactive when it comes to vehicle repairs, as a repair delayed is an accident assured. Keep yourself and your family safe while on the road by being a responsible car owner and trust only the best – RC Auto Specialists.