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You might be surprised at just how much computer power cars use, including those in Tulsa Oklahoma. To give you an idea, they have more than the Apollo 121 Lunar Module that landed on the moon in the late 1960’s.
The new cars you see for sale around the Tulsa area can consist of 8 kilometers (over 5 miles) of wiring responsible for up to 12 networked computers. This isn’t anything new though, because auto computers control almost 85% of a vehicle’s functions, and they have been now for around a decade.
A car consists of different sensors for many different components of your vehicle. There is a sensor for:

  • coolant temperature
  • airflow
  • throttle position
  • vehicle speed
  • manifold air temperature
  • manifold air pressure
  • oxygen content

It can be fairly complicated when having to deal with the components of a vehicle.

Detecting a Problem

Obviously, a vehicle owner knows there is something wrong with their car when the check engine light comes on. A vehicle’s computer is responsible for monitoring these sensors. It then uses the information it gathers to determine any adjustments that need to be made. Such adjustments might include idle speed, spark timing, and fuel mix. It’s also responsible for monitoring its own circuits as well, but when there is a fault of any kind, the check engine light is turned on and the computer then stores a trouble code so that the problem can be better pin-pointed by a professional.

What to Do When Your Check Engine Light Comes On?

Many people can become instantly worried when their check engine light comes on. You might be unsure if you should seek assistance right away, or wait and see what happens. In other words, just how urgent might it be?
The check engine light generally isn’t as serious as say your oil pressure or temperature light. If either of those light up on your vehicle you need to stop driving the vehicle. If your check engine light comes on you should visit the superior service center at RC Auto Specialists so we can determine what’s causing the light to come on.
Should your check engine light be flashing, it’s even more important that you visit a professional to have it checked. Otherwise you could cause even more damage the longer you delay. Until you take it to a professional, drive slower and do not tow or carry heavy loads until it’s checked out. There has been a strong emissions control component when it comes to check engine diagnostic since 1996.
The auto service technicians at RC Auto Specialists have special equipment designed for diagnosing a vehicle and communicating with the vehicle’s computer in order to retrieve the code. Once they locate the trouble code on the computer they can then determine the problem. After that, it’s simply a matter of fixing the problem and getting you back on your way.
If your car or truck’s check engine light comes on at any time, stop in so we can take a look at it.