**3-Year 36,000 Mile Warranty On All Repairs (Includes 50% Rental Discount. Call for details)

The Best Ford Repair Experts in Tulsa are all located at RC Auto Specialists. We have a collection of mechanics to have a combined 80 years experience working on Ford vehicles. This is how you are going to feel assured that no one else going to be able to fix your vehicle in a faster, more quality, or cost-effective manner. This how we have built our company and grown over the years. Providing our customers with the absolute detailed auto repairs. If you’re interested nothing but the absolute best experts to fix your vehicle than we are the choice for you.

The Best Ford Repair Experts in Tulsa will tell you that the key to keeping a vehicle running for the longest not time is using proper preventative maintenance. That’s right instead of doing all of your maintenance and repairs in a reactionary manner, take it head-on and fix before breaks. This oftentimes can save you not only hundreds of thousands of dollars in costly repairs. In addition to the you’re going to save on repairs, you’re also going to receive additional mileage out of the back in your vehicle. By not maintaining your car of the lifespan of its service, you are going to put undue wear-and-tear on other parts that have to pick up for the stress left by improperly working components.

Even though we are The Best Ford Repair Experts in Tulsa we are going to help you set up some financing for your repair work. This because we understand that carpenters often times be much more costly than most families can fit into a budget. This sometimes extremely with the decision between fixing the car, and not being able to work but not paying another essential bill. Or alternatively not fixing the car, paying this month’s bills, but not being able to pay to fix the car next month or the next month bills. This is an absolute lose lose situation we will help you avoid by providing you with auto repair financing. While this is not the ideal option for everyone, it may be the right option for you.

We encourage all of our customers to visit little loves and see if they are a suitable charity for them. We have been proud sponsors of this wonderful not-for-profit organization for many years. We have seen that there dollars go to absolute outstanding uses. There is no loss of efficiency whenever it comes to effectively spending the capital they raise. The money they get goes directly to benefiting orphans across the globe. They provide these orphans with some of the most basic necessities that we often take for granted. Reach out to little us and see how you can help them today have an impact on orphans all around the globe.

If you want to support an auto mechanic that is going to not only take care of your vehicle, but also help take care of orphans all around the globe your life. RC Auto Specialists make sure to generously donate back to these orphans. All you have to do is visit our website and fill out a form for us to get contact with you on our website. Here you will also see that we love orphans and donate to them for many years. If you like speak to one of our expert auto mechanics please gives call RC (918) 872 – 8115.