**3-Year 36,000 Mile Warranty On All Repairs (Includes 50% Rental Discount. Call for details)

Here at RC Auto Specialists, we highly us call anytime you have any kind of repairs to make your car or truck such as Powerstroke Repair Tulsa, but most especially if you have a four-door diesel vehicle. Is because here at RC Auto Specialists, we specialize in both these vehicle types, but we can handle any type of vehicle out there, and people come to us because we are the highest and most reviewed car and truck maintenance shop in Tulsa and people trust us because we know that we treat them right using our “rifle” approach. Please approach to diagnose your problem so that we go straight to the source as opposed to using the shotgun approach that most shops use that cost more time and money in result in unnecessary repairs. Were to be a save you time and money by going with a more efficient approach and we are so good at making repairs that it is not uncommon for other shops in Tulsa to send us the vehicles that they cannot fix.

As mentioned, here at RC Auto Specialists, if you need something like Powerstroke Repair Tulsa, give us call, especially if it’s a Ford are diesel. However, we can do several other type of repairs on most other types of vehicles. We can build help you repair and maintain batteries, we can do air-conditioning, help you with belts and hoses, brakes, engines, fluids and filters, giggling, lighting wipers, and even help with your starting your charging. There’s really no limit to the kind of stuff we can help you with, because we can even do transmission work, help you with your suspension and even do a line at work. We can also provide routine tuneups and maintenance to make sure that we keep your car or your vehicle running tiptop. And if you need fleet services, we have those available as well.

People from us here at our center, not only because we can do incredible Powerstroke Repair Tulsa, but because we the rifle approaches can be faster efficient and really save you time and money when compared to the other shops out there. Not only that but people bring their vehicles us and they trust us because we have Heiskell mechanics have more than 80 years of combined experience among the staff. On top of that all of our mechanics are for senior master mechanics training certified.

And of forget that every time you come to bring your vehicle in us here also supporting orphans around the globe because here at RC Auto Specialists, we partner with little loves and nonprofit organization that supports orphans everywhere.

If you’re just and what we do for you don’t pay to reach out to us anytime by calling us here at RC Auto Specialists to pay and scheduling your next service your next enough to make the repairs that you need in your vehicle by calling us at 918-872-8115 or you go directly to our website for more information at rcautospecialists.com.