**3-Year 36,000 Mile Warranty On All Repairs (Includes 50% Rental Discount. Call for details)


If you are searching for Powerstroke Repair Tulsa, Then look no further than RC auto specialist. We are here to be your new Ford vehicle repair specialist. We offer free to and fro ride services and that way you don’t have to worry about Uber’s. We offer a 3-year 36,000 miles warranty on all of our repairs. This includes a 50% off rental discount for your card. you can experience the highest rated and most reviewed repair shop in the Tulsa area. We offer auto repair tips, an array of services, and customer satisfaction. We use the rifle approach when it comes to Auto repair. We are going to be your go-to auto service shop for your car and truck maintenance, tune up and repairs.

RC Auto does the best Powerstroke Repair Tulsa. Sometimes we see that an overlooked maintenance item is usually Spark plugs. These have not lasted nearly as long as the manufacturer’s estimate. and when they aren’t performing properly they can add stress and strain to the coils that power them. If you have an issue with your spark plugs you should change those because they only cost up to dollars a piece. if you have to replace your coil then it’s a $200 coil . wouldn’t you rather pay $20 a piece rather than $200. I think that maintenance doesn’t cost, it truly pays. you should be able to keep up with your vehicle so you don’t have to experience damage later on down the road that is going to cost you a fortune.

At RC Auto Powerstroke Repair Tulsa, we also service coolants and transmission fluids. we do it that’s a better quality than ever. If you ever have to end up Towing then this could add a strain making the fluids break down a lot quicker than they normally do. The fluid needs to be changed about every 3,000 miles. if you don’t do this then you will have to pay a costly repair and that is never fun. This also applies to four wheel drive vehicles, you always have to take care of your front differential fluid. You always have to keep an eye on it. You don’t want it to fail because if it fails you’re going to have to deal with heavy costly repairs.

maintenance is a lot more than just changing fluids here and there. When we do maintenance we check all the vehicle systems constantly to make sure that everything is performing efficiently and properly. This is the only way to make sure that your car truck is operating safely and minimizing your repair cost in the long run. If you are needing financing for a costly repair then you can apply for a Car Care One automated service. This is offered to you by signature financial. We can make sure that you are back on the road Quickly and efficiently.

Please feel free to check out our website at https://rcautospecialists.com/. here you can read our reviews, see our services and apply for financing. call us today at 918-872-8115 so you can experience the highest rated and most reviewed repair shop in Tulsa oklahoma.