**3-Year 36,000 Mile Warranty On All Repairs (Includes 50% Rental Discount. Call for details)


It is important to consider the safety of your vehicle when you are driving on the road, which is why you need to find a Master Tech Tulsa Ford that can provide you with all of the maintenance and parts to get you on the road safely and without problems. we do not want you to be in a rush if anything ever happens to your vehicle, so we want you to get established with us right away so that we are able to show you the services that we can provide and so that you can trust us to work on your vehicle for any kind of Maintenance that is needed.

At RC Auto specialists, our Master Tech Tulsa Ford knows how to work on your Ford vehicle in all kinds of ways. Our specialists are able to tell you exactly what is going on with your vehicle and exactly how to fix it. they can find the source of the issue and fix all of the corresponding issues that went along with the original source. We are happy to provide you with our services so that you can be happy back in your vehicle running back on the road doing your daily tasks and commuting to where you need to go.

When you are in need of a Master Tech Tulsa Ford you do not need to go anywhere other than RC Auto specialists. This is because our mechanics and technicians are extremely knowledgeable about what they do and very highly trained so they can provide you with the services that you love so much that you can get on the road and get to all of the places you need to be on time. We even offer all kinds of different services for your Ford vehicle.

do not forget that we service all kinds of vehicles, not just ford. We do, however, specialize in Ford so we are very knowledgeable in every aspect of ford. However, we can provide you with services for any make, model and year of your vehicle. We provide all kinds of services from engines to Transmissions to headlights and windshield wipers. We even deal with belts, and we can even run scanners to see what kind of electronic issues might have arised inside your vehicle so that we can get those issues addressed and taken care of immediately. We have some help for you to get all of the coolest stuff.

do not wait to reach out to the best auto mechanic shop in all of tulsa. you can get started with us today by reaching out to us on our website https://rcautospecialists.com/ Or you can give us a phone call by dialing the number 918-872-8115 and our customer service staff will happily talk to you and guide you in the right direction to find the services that you need. we will probably get you set up with an appointment as soon as we can so that we can take care of you.