**3-Year 36,000 Mile Warranty On All Repairs (Includes 50% Rental Discount. Call for details)

Master Tech Tulsa Ford | High-quality Service With RC Auto Specialists

As a Master Tech Tulsa Ford, RC Auto is equipped to making sure that your car has all the assistance that it needs. Whether your car is a Ford, a Lincoln, Mercury, or any other sort of make or model, RC Auto is certain to have the tools and experience needed to get your car back to running properly.

Here at RC Auto, home of the Master Tech Tulsa Ford, quality is our standard. We do not believe in giving you a half-done job that will not give your car the care that it truly needs. After all, if the job that we do leave your car needing another repair and only a few months, we have not truly done our job. We are committed to customer service and satisfaction, honesty, integrity, and open communication. You want to make sure that your car gets the best service that it can get and that you get all the information that you need to understand what we are doing to your car. In fact, we give you a free section on our website of Auto Repair Tips that can get you started on your own repairs, if necessary. We just want to make sure that your car get back into proper, functioning order.

Here at RC Auto, we’re going to make sure that you get treatment from a Master Tech Tulsa Ford. Therefore, we are going to make sure that you get the “rifle treatment” incident of the “shotgun treatment.” What does that mean? Well, the shotgun treatment is a type of treatment given by other auto shops, in which your car gets a general once-over and the company only provides you with superficial fixes that mask the problem instead of giving you real solutions. On the other hand, the rifle treatment works to address the real root of any problems that your car may have so that the performance and longevity of your car can be increased and that you will not have to come back into the shop in a few months to fix the same problem that was addressed before. Basically, your rifle treatment is going to give you better treatment that will last longer than your shotgun treatment.

RC Auto may specialize in the Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury vehicles, but rest assured that our specialists are willing and able to handle any problems that may occur in any other sort of vehicle, as well. You will receive the same quality of care as we would give to the vehicles we specialize in. We’ve hired trained professionals to make sure that your car is getting the service it needs.

We care very much about making communication simple. Therefore, to get in touch with us, you can either call us at (918)872-8115; visit our website, rcautospecialists.com, and fill out the online form to schedule an appointment; or you can come into our shop at 5822 S. 107th E. Ave. in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We look forward to serving you.