**3-Year 36,000 Mile Warranty On All Repairs (Includes 50% Rental Discount. Call for details)


Looking to find a Master Tech Tulsa Ford? Check out RC Auto Specialists!  We have invested our trust in these vehicles and they have repaid us many times over. Here is a short list of what makes this car so special:

1. This Is A 5-Year-Old Model

The incredible thing about the Tech Tulsa Ford is that it is a 5-year-old model. This means the same car that Enthusiasts are buying new today can be bought for less than $2,000.

2. It Reminds You Of A Old Friend

The Tech Tulsa Ford looks like an old friend that you haven\’t seen in a while. It has that vintage feel to it with classic design elements.

3. It Is A statements Car

The Tech Tulsa Ford is not just a beautiful work of art; it is a statement about what you value as a person. The more you pay for a car like the Master Tech, the more it says about you!

4. It Can Be  Operated

The Master Tech Tulsa Ford can be operated by a person with a current U.S. driver\’s license. It is a electric car and does not require License Plate Readers. It is also a low-speed vehicle, meaning it meets the definition of an electric bicycle.

5. It Is Nearly Unstoppable

The Tech Tulsa Ford is nearly unstoppable. Despite being 5 years old, it has already survived multiple hurricanes and being hit by lightening. It is also water-resistant and was built to be floats in the ocean.

6. It Is A seriously Good Vehicle

The Tech Tulsa Ford is a seriously good vehicle. Whether you use it as a second home, an everyday driver, or to tour the country, this car will take you where you need to go.

7. It Will Never Let You Down

The Master Tulsa Ford will never let you down. If something goes wrong, its forgiving nature will allow you to  deftly maneuver  out of whatever situation you find yourself in. This will really be something masterful for you. Come and try out what we are capable of doing for every single one of your needs.

8. It Is A Go-To Mode Of Transportation

The Master Tech Tulsa Ford is a go-to mode of transportation for individuals who need to make some money and need their car to be comfortable while doing it.

9. It Is  A Beautiful Work Of Art

The Master Tulsa Ford is a work of art. These cars are gorgeous and this one in particular stands out as a true work of art. The Final Call-only mode really makes this car stand out.

10. It Makes A statement About Its Owners

The Master Tulsa Ford makes a statement about its owners. Whether you use it to commute to work, run personal errands, or tour the country, this car says a lot about you and your lifestyle.

11. It Is A Powerful political Statement

The Master Tech Tulsa Ford is a powerful political statement. Many people who own this car are either leading searches

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