**3-Year 36,000 Mile Warranty On All Repairs (Includes 50% Rental Discount. Call for details)


Ford Senior Master Tech Tulsa at RC Auto Specialists maintains our mechanics at a high standard, even when it comes to new teachings. When it comes to learning the highest distinction, a forward technician can attain what we keep to standard with our mechanics. to obtain knowledge to be able to fix any part of a Ford vehicle, we encourage our mechanics to have the extra step the extra mile to know what is going on to give the customer satisfaction. having certifications for certain things in our company is vital, especially when we emphasize fixing the customer’s problems when it comes to four vehicles.

At Ford Senior Master Tech Tulsa at RC Auto Specialists, our room to improve, especially to get your certifications designed to complete a job. to become a four senior master tech there are certain standards that you have to uphold. After that, these technicians have to take me required training, and two electives per year for the last 20 years. Our goal is to have your vehicle remain stable during the usage of the vehicle. Our company also has the experience necessary to give you peace of mind that our mechanics know what they’re doing. We always place a customer’s best interest first.

When you come to Ford Senior Master Tech Tulsa at RC Auto Specialist, we are already ready to serve you making sure your car is running amazingly. we are happy to help a customer no matter what the problem their vehicle is facing when bringing a vehicle into the shop you are going to experience, efficiency honesty, and a friendly environment. You maintain and save you, hundreds even thousands of dollars for unexpected repairs that other places would probably scam you from mechanics are forcing a Mastertech to certified. We are trustworthy and very professional working on your cars. If there are any problems with the card, do not hesitate to speak to our mechanics from RC Auto Specialist.

To be empathetic with our customers, we will get you the answers and your mind about the situation you are facing in the highest skill environment. sure you will find mechanics to diagnose your car properly. we have various locations to accommodate where you live and spare the trouble of traveling or making an extra expense to bring your vehicle into the shop. we do not make temporary fixes. We focus on long-term results to keep a good foundation and a good trustworthy satisfaction between the customer and us. We can find a solution that works with you and prevents breakdowns and other expenses from appearing in the future.

To speak with four Senior Master Tech at RC Auto Specialist please give us a call at 918-872-8115. To see the services that we provide and what will be a good fit for your vehicle. Please visit our website today at RCAutoSpecialists.com. do not hesitate to look at reviews and other services that we provide and our auto repair tips that we also provide for you guys as well.