**3-Year 36,000 Mile Warranty On All Repairs (Includes 50% Rental Discount. Call for details)

At RC Auto Specialists Ford Senior Master Tech Tulsa it is our job to make your auto repair easy. We know what it’s like to be stranded on the side of the road, don’t get behind on your scheduled maintenance and allow your vehicle to break down on you. Keep your tires rotated and your oil changed and let us take care of that for you at RC Auto Specialists. We are the highest and most rated auto repair shop in Tulsa. We did not become the top rated repair shop by doing bad work. Our staff goes above and beyond and does everything they can to meet all your needs.

Maybe your work truck is meeting scheduled maintenance or maybe you’re just looking for a Ford Senior Master Tech Tulsa. Whatever it is you’re looking for we are here to help you with all your vehicle’s needs at RC Auto Specialists. Our staff has a combined experience of 80 years. Whatever it is you need help with our more than ready to take care of that for you. Let us take care of your maintenance. Stay on top of your scheduled maintenance with us today. Take care of your vehicle for you and make sure that is running in tip top shape.

After working a hot day in the sun don’t get back in your truck to no AC. At RC Auto Specialists Ford Senior Master Tech Tulsa we can help recharge your air-conditioner and get it blowing as cold as it always has. A lot of people think whenever their air conditioner stopped blowing cold air that they have a serious problem. Nine times out of 10 all it needs is to be recharged with Freon. We can recharge their AC for you and get it going in tip top shape for all your needs. Never come back to a super hot work truck after working really hard in the hot sun. Let us take care of your work trucks for you.

If you are needing an oil change let us take care of that for you at RC Auto Specialists. We specialize in tuneups and maintenance of all kinds. We know about all kinds of vehicles whether you have a diesel truck or maybe a Ford focus we have the experts to take care of all of your vehicle issues. Don’t get behind on oil change. Getting behind on oil changes can void warranties and damage your motor. We spend a lot of money on our vehicles don’t get behind on scheduled maintenance and let it cost you.

At RC Auto Specialists our amazing staff would be more than happy to help you today. Let us make your life easier and take care of all your vehicle maintenance. If you have any questions regarding our business or maybe the services that we offer you can visit our website today at rcautospecialists.com if our website can’t answer the questions that you may have gives a call at 918-872-8115.