**3-Year 36,000 Mile Warranty On All Repairs (Includes 50% Rental Discount. Call for details)


We are very lucky to have a Ford Senior Master Tech Tulsa because this means that we are able to fix the things that nobody else is able to find. Because whenever there is a huge problem that is very hard to troubleshoot, it is very important to have people on your staff that are able to look back on their experience and you said such a tool in order to fix and replace whatever the problem is.

Because very often this happens because people aren’t knowledgeable enough to know exactly what is going on. Many times people have not run into this problem before so if they do not have the experience. But it is a problem that we do not come across that often because we do have a Ford Senior Master Tech Tulsa we are very thankful for this. Not only that but we also know that we have a beautiful amount of experience and knowledge within our building because whenever we come across any problem that other people aren’t going to be able to find and fix we are going to be able to call upon our experience and our knowledge in order to get this done put it because these are huge assets to our shops.

Also took you as our Customer because we are able to pull up on that experience in order to fix any problems that you have with your vehicle. It is this type of expertise that is going to allow us to be able to promise you that we’re going to be able to get your vehicle fixed when other people can’t. And that is a huge value for all of our customers. And one that we are able to tell you that we do because we know that this is a value to you and to your vehicles.

Because whenever it comes to your vehicle we know that it is very important. If we do not know what is wrong we always have somebody underneath our roof that is going to. And this is the type of thing that only comes from having a Ford Senior Master Tech Tulsa on staff. And this is something that many mechanic shops here in town do not have. And that is what sets us apart and what makes us the mechanic shop to go to Every time. Because whenever you are working on your vehicle you know that a Ford is what you want and you don’t want to have to replace it.

And you’re not going to have to whenever you come to us because we’re going to be able to know exactly what’s wrong. Because whenever you have been working on Forbes as long as our mechanics happen and you were going to be able to troubleshoot like no others. Because whenever it comes to specialist we are specialist and many ways not only have we been working on trucks for a very long time but we are forward specialist so if you have a Ford bring you forward us and let’s get it fixed call us today at

918-872-8115 or you can always pop over to our website fill out the form and we will contact you rcautospecialists.com.