**3-Year 36,000 Mile Warranty On All Repairs (Includes 50% Rental Discount. Call for details)

Are you searching for Ford Senior Master Tech Tulsa? Are you having difficulty finding them? If the answer is yes to those questions, we have the answer to why you’re having such a hard time finding them. It is because they all work here! That’s right RC Auto Specialists has been hoarding the very top senior master text Tulsa has to offer for many years. This is an allowed us to grow team that has a combined 80 years experience in fixing Ford’s the proper way. If you want to take advantage of a team that has almost a centuries experience fixing the very vehicle that you know love and drive every day gives call.

We strongly encourage you to contact one of our Ford Senior Master Tech Tulsa mechanics. This is because they’re going to build a give you the most knowledgeable information that you need to make informative decisions when it comes to repairing your vehicle. They’re going to let you know what repairs are find let set for a little bit longer is you save up money. They also know what repairs need to be done today. Having this insight help you come up with a good strong maintenance plan for your vehicle is one of the many many customer service options that we are going to give you. We make our technicians available to you so you guys can sit down and figure out exactly what your car needs to be running in tip top shape for as long as possible.

If you like your vehicle fixed by a Ford Senior Master Tech Tulsa but you cannot afford it were here to help. We are going to a offer you the ability to secure vehicle repair financing. That’s right we have a company that we have partnered with this going to offer you the lowest rates on your vehicle repair financing one having them fix with us. This allows you to go ahead and fix the vehicle that you drive every single day to get to and from work right away. This is an amazing benefits that our customers have over many other repair shops. To take advantage of this all you do is visit our website RCAutoSpecialists.com.

Did you know that in addition to just working on for diesel trucks, we also work on a few other cars as well? That’s right if you have a Ford car we are going to be able do the repair work on it as well. While that may seem like common sense one thing that might not be quote unquote common sense is the fact that we also work on Lincoln and Mercury vehicles as well. The reason we are able to work on these vehicle so effectively is the fact that they are actually made by Ford automotive group. That means the tools that we have to fix your for branded vehicle, are also going to work on these two car lines as well.

If you’ve decided the you want nothing but a senior master tech that specializes in Ford’s to fix your vehicle you better give us a call. Since there are so few of these available in Tulsa, and we have ported the majority of we are your best option. To schedule one of these guys to work on your car all you have to do is give us a call. You can reach us by dialing (918) 872 – 8115. If you’d rather have us reach out to you at a later time, all you do is visit our website RCAutoSpecialists.com.