**3-Year 36,000 Mile Warranty On All Repairs (Includes 50% Rental Discount. Call for details)


Look into repairing your car with a Ford Senior Master Tech Tulsa that is the best in the area. We place the customers’ best interests first. We never try to play games or trick you to pay for services that you do not need or want that you may have experienced in the past. We never look to be someone that you cannot trust. We provide an honest evaluation of vehicle maintenance and repair jobs. We have a different approach than many other companies. We go with a rifle approach and dial in on the issue rather than a shotgun approach where we look for all kinds of things that could be wrong but, we don’t really know.

We focus on the most likely problem areas first instead of wasting your time and money on an unnecessary broad inspection that doesn’t mean a thing. with aFord Senior Master Tech Tulsa you can guarantee that you have someone that is experienced and who cares about your needs. Our mechanics never take advantage of customers to make money. Our mechanics are here to give you a piece of mind. That is something completely different than you have ever experienced with most mechanics.

If you are looking for a trustworthy, honest, and experienced mechanic then you need a Ford Senior Master Tech Tulsa. RC Auto Specialists can provide a high quality service experience for you from the get-go. We specialize in excellent service. There is nothing like top notch service. You deserve a mechanic you can trust that will diagnose the problem quickly and get the job done right. you should not hesitate to obtain an estimate from our company and be ready to be wowed by Your experience. Excellence is a game changer. We are aware of this and we make sure to provide that to you.

trust your vehicle in the hands of our specialist. If you’re looking for an honest mechanic in Tulsa, that is us. We specialize in Ford and diesel vehicles but are fully capable and equipped to maintain and repair your other vehicles. All we need is the part on hand. call us now to receive an estimate for your auto service. We are precise in all our work. we do not give any runarounds and we do not try to charge you for anything other than what the issue is. We specialize in finding the issue right off the bat.

Are you ready to schedule a time to come in? Please visit us at Rcautospecialists.com for a comprehensive evaluation for your car. If you are interested in preventative maintenance then give us a call at 918-872-8115. you should not hesitate to obtain an estimate from an RC Auto specialist. We can provide the highest quality service in the Tulsa area. We provide precise Diagnostics that do not waste your time and money. We do this by our rifle approach. Many other companies are using a different approach which is usually a shotgun approach and we do not do that.