**3-Year 36,000 Mile Warranty On All Repairs (Includes 50% Rental Discount. Call for details)

You may have been looking for a Ford Senior Master Tech Tulsa service. If this you, then congratulations. You have found that with us RC Auto Specialists, but you have found much much more. Not only are our experts Master text, have over 80 years of combined experience in the auto repair industry. Without knowledge in our school, we are able to tackle any and every repair need that you might have. You might be wondering, or our services customizable at all? That is a great question. Our services are only customizable to an extent.

As of our many years of experience, and our skill, we are able tackle any and every auto repair need that might arise. There is a lot of customization with with vehicles in different areas. With the actual pair of your vehicle, there is only a specific extent of customization. It definitely depends on the type of repair, and part of the vehicle. For example, there are a lot of customization options with mufflers, lights, interior, wheels and rims, and more. Although, when it comes of things such as batteries, engines, transmissions, and more, it is a lot harder for the customization to happen. It also gets more pricey for different parts for those customizations, such as turbochargers and intake systems. Although, if that is what you want done, then we can do it as your Ford senior master tech Tulsa service.

One aspect of our services that is not customized is our quality. Quality is extremely important to us here at RC auto specialist. We believe providing quality work knowledge shows we care about our handiwork as mechanics, but it shows a we care about the overall service we are providing to our customers. We will also not complete your pair halfway. We believe in doing a child completely and correctly the first time, so we will never cut corners on your pair in in order to make a buck by using low quality parts, or performing low-quality handiwork.

Another area of our services that is not customizable is our customer service. We will not lower our degree of customer service. Customer service is the core value of our company. That is why we were founded, after all. Our business solely exists for the purpose of providing our customers with services and solutions their auto repair needs. We provide great service by being responsive, communicative, honest, fair, and more. We will not sacrifice our integrity as people, or is a company. We will not lie to you and tell you that your repair is complete when it is not.

So if you been looking for a Ford senior master tech Tulsa service, then you should be happy to know that you found RC Auto Specialists. With our many years of combined experience in our schools, we are able to tackle repair your vehicle may need. Although, our services are only customizable to certain extent. We will never lower the degree of quality or customer service that we provide to our customers, but if you want customization with your vehicle, we can definitely handle that. Call today at 918-872-8115 or catch us rcautospecialists.com!