**3-Year 36,000 Mile Warranty On All Repairs (Includes 50% Rental Discount. Call for details)


Looking to take care of your Ford? Ford Repair Tulsa is the number one in taking care of this well respected brand. Fords are our people favorites and that’s because how good and durable they are, of course this also goes hand to had with the maintenance they get, this is where we come in and do our part by taking care of your ford the best as possible, we do it all, engines, lighting, fleet services, diesel repairs and so many other services. We trust our clients and want them to trust us too so we treat all our clients with kindness and honesty by telling them what is wrong with their car instead of doing unnecessary procedures that cost money to our client

By letting us, Ford Repair Tulsa work on your Ford we compromise to do the best job and get your car in perfect conditions so that you are safely on the road. Feeling safe in your own care is so important and is something we truly care about and that’s why we do all that in our power to help you achieve that. We not only have the best specialist in town with over 80 years of experience but we also have all the equipment to solve any type of issues like ecoboost repair, ignition, electrical work and battery replacement. We do it all

Ford Repair Tulsa is the best option whenever looking for somewhere to take care of your ford. We are specialists and care about you. Your comfort and safety are so important to us and we work for that. We know Fords from the inside out and are capable of fixing or maintaining your car without having to pay a leg and an arm like other places around town, another reason why we ar stour best choice is the years of experience which are key to providing a the best service possible

When serviced with us you are offered additional coverage on your vehicle through BG lifetime protection plan, yes lifetime. As if that wasn’t good enough. We also have a 3 year warranty on all repairs, and as if that wasn’t good enough we also have financing options for our customers who need it because we truly care about our customer needs and want them to be safe no matter what. To apply for that financing option you can access our website as scroll all the way to the bottom and a couple of questions are going to be asked such as phone number, name, mail and information like that

Our customers are very appreciated and we really ensure to take care of them the best way possible as a result of this we have incredibly good reviews that are proof of how much we take care of them, for any questions regarding our services you can contact us at (918)872-8115 where a representative will get in touch with you. Another way to get in touch with us and learn more about our services or us you can go ahead and check out our website at rcautospecialists.com