**3-Year 36,000 Mile Warranty On All Repairs (Includes 50% Rental Discount. Call for details)


Do you have a Ford that you need fixed then look no further than Ford Powerstroke Repair Tulsa for all your repair needs. We are your Ford vehicle repair specialist. schedule an appointment with us at RC Auto specialist. Every part of your car, truck, or van plays a vital role in how you arrive safely to your destination. we make sure you have a safe and smooth operation of your vehicle. professionals are experienced in maintaining and repairing the countless parts that exist in your car.

bring your vehicle in today for repair at Ford Powerstroke Repair Tulsa. Regular tune-ups and maintenance are important along the way to prevent breakdowns and other problems that could turn out to be expensive down the road if you wait to address them too long. if you bring your vehicle in on a regular basis to be looked over and maintained it will be more likely that your vehicle will be longer lasting.. you can save yourself hundreds or even thousands of dollars or the placement of your entire vehicle if you do preventive maintenance with RC Auto specialist.

We specialize in Fords at Ford Powerstroke Repair Tulsa but we also do any other type of vehicle as long as the parts are available. Our technicians are highly skilled and have completed Ford master’s mechanics training and we are extremely professional. We use a rifle approach instead of a shotgun approach. meaning, we focus on what the problem most likely is and zero in on that versus thinking of everything that is wrong and taking our time to find that. We have honest and professional technicians and mechanics who are available and ready to help get your car in the best shape possible. Regular tune-ups and maintenance are very important for preventing breakdowns.

Make us go to the auto service shop for car and truck maintenance, repair, and two nubs. We have high quality and cost-effective services that we provide. We also included first-hand accounts from previous clients that are satisfied. read our testimonials and learn about our high quality services. Do mechanics have the experience necessary to give you the peace of mind that you need when it comes to fixing your vehicle? Our team can be trusted to provide an honest environment that is safe. we place your best interest first.

We focus on the most likely problem areas first instead of wasting your time and money on unnecessary broad inspections or gimmicks. you can trust us with the exact services that you need. go ahead and visitRcautospecialists.com to schedule an appointment or evaluation for your car. give us a call 918-872-8115 for a comprehensive evaluation. Our mechanics have the experience necessary. They are honest, trustworthy, and professional. With this alone, we provide peace of mind to you while fixing your vehicle whether it’s a Ford, diesel, or any other vehicle. we have the best around. That’s guaranteed when you visit RC Auto Specialist.