**3-Year 36,000 Mile Warranty On All Repairs (Includes 50% Rental Discount. Call for details)


With Ford Powerstroke Repair Tulsa with RC Auto Specialists, we emphasize having proper maintenance. Tuneup and maintenance are more crucial and vehicles today than I ever have been in the past times. Cars nowadays have better performance and better materials, but when there is a small problem, it can turn into a bigger problem in a matter of days or seconds on what it could be. There are many problems when it comes to keeping your car maintained. it is better to be very sensitive with your vehicle than to push it out its the last minute. Tulsa and other local cities have temperatures ranging from zero in the winter and wall above 100 in the summer. Many drivers have to deal with the stop and start driving, which is optimum and these driving conditions.

Ford Powerstroke Repair Tulsa with RC Auto Specialists makes it known that maintenance is more than just changing fluids. Living in these conditions can be very crucial for the vehicle system and a day-to-day basis. Luckily for you, RC Auto specialist makes it very easy and efficient for you to come into the shop and book an appointment online. There are certain things that we do for survival including keeping the AC on in the heat that can damage our engines and push it to the last core. 15 minutes of idling each morning during the week and resort to the same as driving 75 miles on the highway to your engine.

At Ford Powerstroke Repair Tulsa with RC Auto Specialists, we do not want you to wait until the temperatures in Tulsa get hot. I went to a small amount of doing two costs for your auto AC and that result is very poor and costing luckily for you we provide complete auto air-conditioning, maintenance and repair in all vehicles. your car will leave the shop brand new. There will be no to service any Ford vehicle, especially when we service diesel engines starting early from 6.9L. We have 80 years of experience combined so we are well aware of how to take care of diesel engines.

Despite having a power stroke on your vehicle, there is nothing that we cannot face to resolve the issue from fuel pump failure to coolant leaks owners have full satisfaction and full trust and the job that we do. we understand and care for the customer’s frustration in these times, so we deal with it promptly. Our team works hard to provide honest, reliable auto services that you can trust the services that we provide are quick and affordable RC Auto has great reputation and Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Bixby, and Owasso communities because of the attitude that we present when accommodating to the fixtures I need of the vehicle. Long-lasting care for you and your vehicle is the number one priority by any means we are skilled and have the equipment to probably address the issue that needs to be resolved.

If you would like more information on our lifetime, BG protection plan to secure the liability of your vehicle. Please reach out at 918-872-8115. We are more than happy to schedule an appointment with you guys on our website at RCAutoSpecialists.com.