**3-Year 36,000 Mile Warranty On All Repairs (Includes 50% Rental Discount. Call for details)


Need Ford Powerstroke Repair Tulsa We are your people don’t worry for a second Your team of high-quality mechanics with 80 years of combined experience working on Ford Lincoln’s Mercury and trucks in general have been the go-to shop in Tulsa for almost 20 years Who invite service and attention to detail that is rivaled by no one if you’re looking for an auto repair shop in Tulsa then you have found the only place that you will need for mechanic repairs as well as Automotive needs We are dedicated and passionate about the industry we are in and want to provide you with the best and most honest service possible

Nothing comes close to our Ford Powerstroke Repair Tulsa We have nothing happens to your treasured vehicle that is not a guaranteed for those times when you need us we will be there we specialize in repairing Ford products everything from oil changes and tune-ups to Major repairs since 2007 RC Auto Specialist have been upholding an excellent reputation in Tulsa Broken Arrow Bixby and Owosso communities we dare you to find someone better because they’ve probably given us Their problems that they couldn’t fix Let us help you with any repairs necessary and you can count on an honest genuine and knowledgeable experience

Ford Powerstroke Repair Tulsa Is probably what you searched and now that you found us no need to look any further we are the premier and dedicated team that has been servicing Tulsa for many years and continues to do so and will continue to do so for as long as cars break down which should be about forever naughty comes close to the level of quality and care that we bring to every vehicle we are passionate about our work and will not disappoint in our willingness to serve our community and keep your vehicle safe and on the road

If you can’t quite afford the repairs that we offer please check our website for financing options we strive to be as flexible honest and knowledgeable in our craft as possible so that you do not have to worry about coming to us and trusting us with any problems that you may be experiencing minor or major true Professionals that never compromise their duty to ensure a clean safe and working vehicle Every time they pop the hood

We all know that details and cars, in general, can be finicky and tricky toys to fix and keep running but luckily you have us on your side to watch your back so that we can also uphold An outstanding reputation in our community that is unrivaled to this day you can count on a team of trustworthy mechanics that will put your needs first we specialize in Ford repair and have 80 combined years of experience creating comfort in our customer’s Minds in regards to their vehicle and their transportation we understand how important your vehicle is to you it can also be the source of income that provides for you and your family the rest assured that we take everything we do extremely seriously if you like to visit our website you can find us at RCAutoSpecialists.com Or give us a call anytime if you have any questions concerns(918) 872-8115