**3-Year 36,000 Mile Warranty On All Repairs (Includes 50% Rental Discount. Call for details)

When you’re looking for a Ford diesel repair Tulsa you need to look no further than RC auto Specialist we use the rifle approach to auto repair which is when it comes auto repair most service shops use the shotgun approach when diagnosing the problem they can often at RC auto. Your experience and certified all the mechanics user rifle approach when servicing your vehicle we go straight to the source of the problem. We all then fix it right the first time in this is going to save you time and money for services that we fix it right the very first time. We have satisfied clients we do everything everything from auto repair services on all makes and models . And we offer a comprehensive diagnosis service as well as a complete auto service from scheduled maintenance to complete overhauls we do Ford repair diesel repair air-conditioning for trucks SUVs. Commercial band so when your engines not running right and not sure what the problem is our talented trustworthy specialist will be figure it out and get you safely back on the road at night is no time.

We want you to come to Ford diesel repair Tulsa because we know that our services will exceed your expectations. Your engine is important you is how you get to and from your job and we meet the client accomplish everything that demands of your. When it comes to excellent diesel repair you need someone who seen it all our expert team can handle repairs for all types of things from a power stroke engine and turbo issues fuel injectors repairs or replacements DPF had both of your damaged or frayed wire heads. We are experts in dealerships a competitive independent prices and we provide the best of both worlds with dealership quality services increase prices it’s that simple for us . We are BG certified that means that our high quality BG diesel engines maintenance service are backed up with BG forever diesel plan. Your engine will automatically be covered for up to 6000 per failure. Our team is over 80 years of combined experience in repairing for.

There is no guesswork were just focus on X per tease at Ford diesel repair Tulsa our technicians know for diesel engines inside now they repaired thousands and while some of the Tulsa ownerships take a shotgun approach aiming at why target to see if they hit anything we is a very focused approach a minute the most likely problem. So we can zero in on the real issues quickly. Our services include manufactured recommended tools diagnostic equipment we go straight to the problem. Permanent solutions instead of temporary fictions power stroke diesel repair is one is only one done right if it is a long-term solution. You and your engine deserve the very best in long-term experience.

So come on over give us a call at (918) 872-8115 at rcautospecialists.com. Our services will exceed your expectations and we look forward to seeing you and being able to help you and our team get straight to the bottom of any of your issues.