**3-Year 36,000 Mile Warranty On All Repairs (Includes 50% Rental Discount. Call for details)


When it comes to mechanics, we know it can be a tough decision. That is why we have the best solution for you and we are the best mechanic around here, at Ford diesel. We provide ultimate repair and engine repair solutions, with a specialist that we have on site. you were able to get the best repair, for the truck that you have. no matter what type of brand It is, as long as it’s forward. The most common vehicles that we get are both F-150s and f250s.

at the four diesel mechanics near me, us being truck owners ourselves. We wanted to maintain and also create a repair service that makes it easier for guys who have fords. We have been in Tulsa, because we know this type of service isn’t very common which is why we have a location here in tulsa. You can also see our site, other companies that we have helped with their services in regards to ford, here in Tulsa. We also have people who come from all over Oklahoma to get their truck service and repair, here at Ford diesel.

Our mechanics and staff are trained and have plenty of years of experience in the industry. up for diesel mechanics near me, we’re able to get you the mechanic at the quickest and cheapest price available which is why we are the best in the industry at what we do. I am a diesel mechanic near me, you are literally able to get the nearest mechanic available near you. so you are able to get your services fulfilled, exactly the way that you want it and be happy with the service that you’re getting. If your vehicle needs to get service on for a long time. of time, we have right sharing services available

First, along with good services, we provide a deal for first-time customers on our website. We also provide plenty of deals and rental discounts available, you can go ahead and call our company number for details. We also have places on our website where you can schedule an appointment today, don’t wait any longer, go ahead and get your truck worked on, let us do what we do best. we are certified, and have been rings by authentic businesses who we’ve operated on, here at ford diesel mechanic near me.\
You can go ahead and visit our website at RCAutospecialists.com Or go ahead and call the number 918-872-8115, to get more acquainted with our services and what it is that we do here. We are the highest rated and most reviewed repair shop in Tulsa. making us one of the most Revisited vehicle forward repair shops in oklahoma. with all the Specialists that we have, we also make it easier for you to contact us. we can book an appointment or service with us on our website on the appointment booking function, or you can go ahead and call our company number to get in touch with an Associate today.