**3-Year 36,000 Mile Warranty On All Repairs (Includes 50% Rental Discount. Call for details)

Come in today to oil company and let us take a look at your vehicle today whether you have a diesel or just a regular gas engine we can get you taken care of. We are the top rated and most rated repair company in Tulsa. We became the top rated company by going above and beyond and always striving to take care of our customers. Our repair staff has 80 years of combined service. With that experience we have ran into countless problems and learned so much along the way. This helps us take care of everything our customers need and never fall short here at RC Auto Specialists Find Tulsa Ford Engine Repair Shops.

Never fall short on scheduled maintenance. You may use your diesel truck for work. Don’t ever be late to the jobsite again. Nobody likes to be stranded on the side of the road when there’s work to be done. Bring your work truck even daily driver in today. Let us take a look at your vehicle and make sure maintenance is all up to date. You may just come in and need a tuneup regardless of what your vehicle needs are bring your vehicle into RC Auto Specialists Find Tulsa Ford Engine Repair Shops today. You may be asking yourself why choose us over our competitors. We are the top and most rated repair shop on Google in the Tulsa area.

Do not let your air-conditioner go in your vehicle. There’s nothing worse than driving on a really hot day and not having any air-conditioner. Even worse you may be taking girl out on a date and maybe sweating. Don’t throw your comfort ability out the door. Bring your vehicle no matter the make or model into RC Auto Specialists today and let us take care of all your vehicles in their needs. Regardless of whether it’s the ignition or the here we will make sure that it is running correctly. Find Tulsa Ford Engine Repair Shops at RC Auto Specialists.

Do not get behind on scheduled maintenance let us take care of whatever maintenance issues you have at RC Auto Specialists. Don’t get behind on your scheduled maintenance. Getting behind on your schedule maintenance can cause you to be stranded on the side of the road. Keep your car running good and keep up with maintenance.

Come visit us at RC Auto Specialists. Our amazing staff is more than capable of meeting and exceeding all of your needs whatever vehicle needs you may have are more than ready to tackle them for you. Having issues with your vehicle can be a huge stress, bring your vehicle down to us and let us make your life a lot easier. Whether you have a diesel truck or a gas vehicle or even an electric car if you have equal maintenance issues reincarnate today and let us take a look at it. You can come in and get diagnostics for free. We are the highest-rated repair company in Tulsa. If you have any questions visit our website@rcautospecialists.com or call us today 918-872-8115.