**3-Year 36,000 Mile Warranty On All Repairs (Includes 50% Rental Discount. Call for details)

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RC Auto specializes in f250 repair tulsa. If you’re looking for a Ford vehicle repair specialist and look no further than RC Auto specialist. We are the highest-rated and most-reviewed repair shop in tulsa. We offer free to and fro rides as a service that is available to you. We offer a 3-year warranty for $36,000 miles warranty on Oliver repairs. we even include a 50% off for your rental car discount. Being Tulsa’s auto repair specialist we include Ford Powerstroke Diesel Service and repair. We use the rifle approach that makes it to where we fix it right the first time and saves you time and money.

When it comes to f250 repair tulsa, We offer starting and changing repairs. It is very important and crucial to the running of your vehicle to make sure that you have the proper battery installed. it has to be able to supply a voltage and amperage to your vehicles. We even do transmission repair. Transmissions can be easy to figure it out, but if you forget about it then that can cause big problems. you don’t need to be neglecting your vehicle. if you’re experiencing that your vehicle is searching, making noises such as clicks thanks or buzzes, leaking fluid, not dropping into the gear properly, having trouble shifting, and just ready for fluid flush. We can handle all of your transmission repair needs at RC Auto specialist. allow us to help you get back up on the road and running again in no time.

RC auto f250 repair tulsa we believe that it is important to stick to the recommended manufacturer’s maintenance schedule. Whenever it comes to your vehicle, each one has a recommended maintenance schedule. maintenance schedules use regular transmission flushes and this is usually about every 30,000 miles. We offer high quality BG projects which means that your transmission will be able to shift smoothly and nicely just like it’s supposed to. RPG products all come with a lifetime warranty. not all vehicles are available for BG products. if you’re experiencing issues that need a complete transmission repair. Then we can help. if your vehicle’s experiencing fluid leaks, seals, clutches, needle bearings, solenoids, to work cuddle converters and everything else. We can fix that and get your car back up and running as soon as possible again. We like to save you time and money and fix the problem right the very first time.

If you are looking for a great mechanic that is actually honest and caring about the repair or maintenance of your vehicle. then you need to speak to one of our friendly and knowledgeable mechanics today. We have over 80 years combined in services. Our technicians are highly skilled and they have all completed Ford senior master mechanics training. Even though we specialize in Ford vehicles we are fully capable of doing repair and maintenance for any vehicle no matter what the make model or Year is as long as we have the products available.

visit our website today at https://rcautospecialists.com/, and make sure to give us a call 918-872-8115. We look forward to hearing from you today and helping you get back on the road.