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Best Ford Repair Tulsa | choosing a fort specialist over the dealership

Best Ford Repair Tulsa should be the answer to the question of where you go to find help for your Ford car, truck, or SUV. This is a question every car owner eventually has to answer, and many people wonder whether it’s best to take the vehicle to a dealership, an independent shop, or a specialist. After all, making the right choice for your car’s maintenance will save you money and time, as well as give you peace of mind. The reality is, there are many reasons why it’s hard to work with a mechanic who specializes in Ford vehicles like the one you own. This is why we should be the answer when you’re looking for a mechanic for your Ford vehicle.

At Best Ford Repair Tulsa, all of our technicians have completed the Ford senior master mechanics training, making them as skilled at working on for its as any dealership mechanic. And we are proud to have earned the ASE blue seal, which means our technicians have trained and received auto repair certification through the Institute for automotive service excellence. Which is the only nationally recognized Institute for car repairs. We employ only the best mechanics, support their proper training, and maintain only the highest quality equipment. This gives you the assurance of top-notch service every time.

An independent specialist shop such as Best Ford Repair Tulsa uses the same tools and equipment recommended for your make and model that a dealership would. All routine maintenance and repairs are done with your specific car in mind, using the exact equipment needed for your Ford vehicle, while at a lower cost than the average dealership. Are mechanics only use the most reliable, yet affordable, replacement parts for your vehicle our expert knowledge on Ford’s gives us an edge over more general, independent auto shops and choosing the right parts. We do this so we can help keep your car performing as efficiently as the day you drove it off the lot.

Our season technician specialize in maintaining and repairing Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury cars and trucks. Our experience working with every make and model a Ford vehicles makes about that we can stand probably behind the work we do. Because we focus on Ford’s, we bring a level of expertise to your pair that most independent shops, with their general approach to car repair, simply can offer. We even handled his repairs with ease and accuracy. When you come see us, you’ll enjoy the personalized, friendly service of an independent for repair shop rather than a busy, depersonalized approach that often characterizes a dealership.

Let us prove to you why we are the go to Fort specialists in and around Tulsa. Call us today or visit our shop to request an estimate on a repair or make an appointment for preventative maintenance. We look forward to serving you with a smile! Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. We are always more than happy to help. You can either call us at 918-872-8115, or check us out on our online website rcautospecialists.com.

Best Ford Repair Tulsa | how to get longevity out of your Ford diesel engine

At Best Ford Repair Tulsa we know that maintaining your Ford diesel engine is very different from maintaining a gas powered vehicle. Unlike gas engines, diesel ignite the fuel air mixture by the heat of compression and do not require spark plugs or moving parts like distributor rotors. Therefore, diesel engines are less costly to maintain. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t need regular maintenance. Failing to take care of any engine can kill it, adding up to costly repair bills if you’re not careful. The time investment you make in caring for your vehicle are well worth it.

We recommend that you get your oil change regularly here at Best Ford Repair Tulsa. Checking your vehicle’s manual for how frequently the oil in your car or truck should be change is important and can be adjusted, depending on how you use your vehicle think of your engines oil like a new pair of sneakers. When you wear new sneakers, the cushioned insults feel great at the bottom of your fee and help support your legs as you move. The longer you wear the sneakers, the less spring you feel, and eventually they become uncomfortable. Old, dirty oil will eventually share, meaning it will break apart and a molecular level. When modal oil shears, it loses viscosity and to increasing wear, oil consumption, and ultimately engine damage all of the damage to your engine, like an old pair of sneakers on your feet, can lead to injured legs.

Best Ford Repair Tulsa also recommends routinely checking the gaskets. Gaskets on diesel engine should be watched closely since they are exposed to extreme operating conditions. Never replace just one leaky gasket. Always replace them all as a set. If one starts to leak, the others are not that far behind. We torque your engines mounting bolts honoring their basis to prevent leaks, especially in the combustion mounting areas. Also check coolant hoses, which can deteriorate quickly if they become this. These issues are often caused by engine vibrations, which are common among diesel engines.

Since diesel engines use a lot of air, greater attention should be paid to the air filters. Installing an air filter restriction gauge on the side of the air filter housing can help you see one to change your filter appropriately. The indicator changes as soon as the engine filter element becomes dirty. Having the engines water separator properly drain on schedule can add to the longevity of your diesel engine. The modified pump and filtration system specifically for four diesel engines collect water from the fuel and is usually located near the fuel filter. If your diesel vehicle doesn’t have one, you can install one and save yourself you to repair cost by keeping access water out of your fuel.

Following the above tips will help your Ford engines longevity. Don’t forget, RC auto specialist can help. Schedule an appointment right away or stop by today, we are more than happy to help. Please will be to reach out with any comments, questions, or concerns that you may have. You can either call us at 918-872-8115, or check out our online website rcautospecialists.com for all of our services and so much more information.