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3 Safety Tips For Teenage DriversGetting behind the wheel for the first time is exciting for most teenagers. However, as a parent, it is easy to feel uneasy about it. Although there are many state and federal laws geared toward protecting teenage drivers, it is actually the rules you set at home that will have the best influence to keep your child safe on the road.

The stats are stacked against teenage drivers due to inexperience, with half being involved in a car crash before graduating from high school. The things more experienced drivers consider “normal” driving conditions can be distractions to young drivers. For instance, driving with three or more passengers quadruples the chances of an accident, and nearly 94 percent of teenage drivers keep their cell phone on while driving – and don’t believe that it will distract them or put them at risk.

But you know that “gloom and doom” lectures may fall on deaf ears. Having pointed and actionable discussions about driver safety with your teenage driver is not just crucial but is a matter of life and death.

Here are a few places to start:

1. Set a Parent-Teen Driving Agreement that will include set rules, which are not only enforced in the home but by state laws, too. Include personal punishments like losing certain privileges when safety measures aren’t taken. Another good rule is to set parameters around when and where your child is allowed to drive unsupervised once they get their license.
2. Educate Teens About The Licensing Process: Oklahoma’s Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) system allows drivers to get their license at the age of 15 1/2 if they take a driver’s education course. The statewide “Take The Wheel” driver’s education program is highly recommended.
3. Teach Your New Driver Proper Car Maintenance Changing engine coolant, checking the oil, keeping up with tire pressure, and changing a flat tire are great basic skills teenage drivers should know to keep their car driving properly. Then they will not be caught as unaware if they find themselves in an unsafe situation while traveling.

One of the most important safety tips for drivers of all ages is to drive undistracted. When your engine is sputtering, or warning lights are flashing, your mind will be on the possible problems rather than on the road.

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