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spotting-diesel-engine-probems-a-mile-awayYou work long hours, laboring hard for yourself and your family, and so does your truck. It goes without saying that your truck’s engine is extremely important. You wouldn’t be able to accomplish everything you do if it weren’t for your Ford truck. Maintaining your vehicle and making sure it performs at its maximum potential is of utmost importance to your business and your life. Truth be told, you need that engine to function at its best day in and day out.

A Ford diesel engine has been crafted to be enduring and reliable, but mechanical issues will arise as your engine ages. The key is catching these issues before they cause major problems, like getting stranded somewhere. Being aware of the warning signs of a diesel engine problem will help you avoid more serious, costly setbacks.

Trouble Starting Up

When your diesel engine is having as much trouble starting up in the morning as you are, it may be a sign that your engine’s compression system is lacking. Your diesel engine relies on a compression system to start up properly. See a certified mechanic who can run a diagnostic test to find out if compression problems are the reason for your starter issues. Many times, this is the culprit.

Turbocharger Failure

If your diesel engine has a turbocharging system, it’s a good idea to be familiar with the telltale signs of a turbocharger system breakdown. If your turbocharger starts to die while you’re driving, there could be leaks in the system, or clamps and pumps may have become weak due to damage or wear. This can lead to black smoke coming from your engine. If that happens, there’s a good possibility it’s a problem with your turbocharger.

Blue Smoke Coming from the Engine

When a diesel engine produces blue smoke, it is burning its own oil. This can happen due to oil leaks, worn-out cylinders or an over-filled oil chamber. If this is happening on a regular basis, it’s a good idea to contact a local diesel engine specialist to make sure leaks or cylinder problems are repaired before they lead to more severe issues.

Low Fuel Economy

Keeping track of how much you spend at the pump may not always be on your mind, but it’s more than just a budget concern. When it comes to the life of your engine, lower gas mileage can be a symptom of a greater problem. Damaged and worn fuel injectors can be the reason you’re spending more at the pump, and if they’re not repaired or replaced, they can lead to more costly repairs. Faulty injectors shouldn’t be overlooked. They can cause misfiring and even shut the whole truck down.

Loss of Engine Power

Pay close attention to how well your truck pulls a load or gets you to top speed when needed. If there seems to be slippage in its overall power, it’s possible that your diesel engine is losing cylinder compression. Worn piston rings, valves, or head gaskets that aren’t in the shape they once were can keep your truck from performing like it did it its younger days.

Increased Oil Consumption

If you’re constantly adding oil to your truck’s engine between complete changes, you’ve got a leak somewhere, and that’s a significant problem. It might not seem like a big deal to add a quart of oil here and there, but leaks due to bad piston rings or cylinder liners, if ignored, can only make your engine’s condition worse.

Engine Knocking

You remember how your Ford diesel engine sounded when you drove it the first time. Has that gorgeous roaring been replaced by something less pleasing? Over time, oil contamination and combustion timing issues can cause your engine to knock. Many times, engine knocking is caused by damaged liner seals, main bearings problems or a worn piston skirt. Be aware of how your engine sounds and feels as you drive.

Don’t Delay on Your Ford Diesel Engine’s Maintenance

Listen to your truck and keep these warning signs in mind. Extending the life of your truck means extending the life of your business. For any of your Power Stroke diesel engine service needs, RC Auto is the place for trustworthy and reliable repairs and maintenance. Stop by or call for your next service appointment — and don’t forget to ask about the BG Forever Diesel Program, to ensure the highest ongoing diesel engine maintenance for your Ford.